Powerful – The Active Wheelchair Avantgarde XXL 2

Sporting challenges or active everyday life – with the Avantgarde XXL 2, you can cross all boundaries. The active wheelchair offers the ideal combination of mobility and stability.
Aktiv-Wheelchair Avantgarde XXL 2

Avantgarde XXL 2

At a Glance

  • Modern design 
  • Low weight
  • Multiple adjustment options
  • Broad range of options
  • Suitable for especially large, strong persons
  • Up to 180 kilogram loads

Special challenges or demanding, active everyday life – with the Avantgarde XXL 2, you can cross all boundaries. The active wheelchair offers the ideal combination of mobility and stability. It is light, maneuverable, and robust; practically predestined for high demands.

Broad Range of Frame Colors

The XXL 2 wheelchair is beautifully formed with a modern design and a broad range of frame colors that set the right tone for every taste. Of course you can also find the matching cushions.

We developed the XXL 2 especially for large, strong people. With the help of the reinforced seat and back upholstery, you are optimally positioned and supported at all times. An optional stabilizer provides additional support in case of very high back loads. In spite of the stable construction the drive wheels offer many adjustment options. Depending if you prefer to travel in a sporty manner or place greater emphasis on safety – the XXL 2 can be optimally adapted to your wishes and therefore makes a high level of mobility and activity possible for you.

Foldable to a Convenient Size

The XXL 2 would not be an Avantgarde if it did not offer a broad range of adjustment possibilities and options. The comprehensive range of options for the series is available to you with almost no restrictions. The highly durable aluminum frame, which is suitable for a body weight of up to 180 kilograms, ensures stability in all situations. Nevertheless, the XXL 2 can of course be folded to a convenient size in just a few easy steps so that you can comfortably stow the wheelchair in the car.


Primary: Paraplegia, tetraplegia, spina bifida, poliomyelitis, neurological deficits, bariatric treatments
Secondary: Rheumatic complaints, cerebral palsy

Information material | Techniques for using a wheelchair
Download the current information about techniques using a wheelchair.

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