Multi-Variable and Practical – The Seating Shell Wheelchair Dino 3

Attach the seating system to the Dino 3 chassis in one easy step, and be comfortably on your way—indoors or out. Dino is also ideally suited for travel.

Dino3 of Otto Bock.


At a Glance

  • Especially maneuverable
  • For transportation in vehicles equipped for disabled persons
  • Height-adjustable push handle or push bar
  • Suitable for autonomous driving with large wheels
  • Seat tilt from -5° to + 30°
  • Easy handling

You're always on the go with your child and need to be independent and mobile. Of course your child should sit in a medically correct position and be supported as well as possible. In that case, Dino 3 is the ideal solution for you. You can mount almost any common orthopedic seating systems on the chassis in one easy step, and you can travel safely and comfortably both indoors and out. Dino is also ideal for traveling, since it is approved for transportation in vehicles equipped for disabled persons and has even been crash-tested according to the highest safety standards.

Maneuverable and Stable

Depending on the individual needs and requirements of your child, the Dino 3 can be equipped with large wheels and push rings so that your child can propel the Dino 3 him or herself. This improves the self-confidence and independence of your child. Social contact and playing with friends and siblings becomes easier. Naturally, Dino can also be equipped with small wheels and can be pushed comfortably by a caregiver thanks to the practical, height-adjustable push handle.

Traveling Comfortably on Hilly Terrain

At home or on hilly terrain – with Dino 3, you are always mobile. You can adjust the chassis so that it is especially maneuverable in small rooms, letting you navigate easily around furniture. The special construction of the chassis makes it possible to get very close to furniture such as tables, too, so that your child can sit comfortably at the table with the rest of the family. During excursions in town or in the country, an optional knee lever brake with a reverse-roll locking device makes handling easier so that you can also cover hilly terrain safely and without expending a lot of energy.

Whether you are out and about or at home, you can adjust the seating position of your child from an active position to a relaxed rest position in just a few easy steps so that your child is always seated comfortably. Dino 3 also offers a lot of space for individualized foot rest solutions. In addition, the chassis can easily be equipped with auxiliary drives such as the e-support or the stair climber Scala-Mobil in order to offer you additional everyday relief.

Quality for life

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