Ankle Foot Orthosis 28U9

In case of weakness of dorsiflexion of the foot, the Ankle Foot Orthosis helps you master all everyday challenges. Since the risk of falling or tripping is reduced, you walk safely once again.

Ankle Foot Orthosis 28U9 of Otto Bock.

Ankle Foot Orthosis 28U9

At a Glance

  • Raises the front of the foot while the leg swings through
  • High level of wearer comfort due to calf and shin pads
  • Light
  • Good hygienic properties


In cases of foot lifter weakness, our 28U9 Ankle Foot Orthosis offers you invaluable advantages and supports you in actively mastering everyday challenges. The orthosis raises your foot while the leg swings through towards the front. At the same time, it prevents your foot from tipping down which would cause the tip of the foot to drag across the ground. Therefore you can prevent unwanted ground contact. Since the risk of falling or tripping is reduced, you walk safely once again.

Natural Movement Pattern

At the end of the swing-through phase, your foot is dynamically guided back by the orthosis so that you can once again step comfortably with your heel at the start of the standing phase. You no longer have to make any compensating movements such as exaggerated raising of the hip or shoulders. Subsequent problems are prevented. At the same time, your movement pattern appears more natural.

The Ankle Foot Orthosis can be individually adapted to the shape of your foot and offers a high level of wearer comfort. The thin-walled plastic construction (polypropylene) not only increases the resilience for effective lifting of the foot but also reduces the overall weight. Combined with its good hygienic properties, the orthosis can be worn comfortably for longer periods of time. You can also wear the orthosis with calf and shin pads. The long sole ensures that your foot is guided forward precisely and the pressure is distributed evenly.


  • weak dorsiflexion 
  • Peroneal palsy

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