Let’s Open up New Dimensions

With the Helix3D hip joint system, Otto Bock is setting new fitting standards for hip joint amputees after a technology standstill that lasted several decades.

Patientin mit dem neuen Helix3D Hüftgelenksystem von Otto Bock.

7E10 | Helix3D Hip Joint System

At a Glance

  • Redefining mobility for hip joint amputees
  • Enhanced safety, mobility and comfort
  • Reduced risk of tripping and falling
  • Extensive approximation of the natural gait pattern  
  • Relief for the back and joints, effective prevention of complications
  • MOBIS® 2 & 3 
  • For a body weight of up to 100 kg




Helix3D Sets New Fitting Standard

Enhanced safety, mobility and comfort: With the unique Helix3D hip joint system, Otto Bock is setting a new fitting standard for hip joint amputees after a technology standstill that lasted several decades. The innovative hip joint system improves your mobility and combines the ultimate in day-to-day safety with noticeable advantages, e.g. when walking on uneven surfaces, walking at different speeds or going down stairs step-over-step.

Helix3D results in three-dimensional hip movements. The novel joint structure with several axes results in an especially harmonious gait pattern. With conventional fittings, hip amputees always have to raise the prosthetic limb using the sound side in order to avoid snagging carpet edges or other obstacles. The joint structure of the Helix3D makes it possible to shorten the leg in the swing phase, thus reducing the risk of tripping and falling. Thanks to the large flexion angle, putting on shoes or getting into a vehicle is easier on a day-to-day basis. The Helix3D hip joint system also allows you to sit upright in comfort.

With its special spring-hydraulic combination, the Helix3D hip joint system largely compensates for lost hip musculature and reduces the amount of energy expended while walking with the prosthesis. It facilitates a soft, controlled heel strike and harmonious rollover of the foot under full load. As a result, the spring-hydraulic combination prevents jerky movements and reduces the backward tilt of the pelvis. This provides relief for the back and joints, and effectively prevents complications.

The Helix3D hip joint system is suitable for amputees with a body weight of up to 100 kilograms. It offers ultimate safety and comfort for a variety of everyday activities, and is precisely customised to your individual needs by a prosthetist certified for the Helix3D. Among other things, the body size, weight and activity level are considered.
In order to ensure you receive an optimum fitting, we only offer the Helix3D hip joint in combination with the microprocessor-controlled C-Leg leg prosthesis system. If you already have a C-Leg fitting, the Helix3D can be integrated into your current prosthesis system.

Are you interested in a fitting with the Helix3D hip joint system? If you have any questions or would like to receive more information, please contact your local Otto Bock branch.

You can download a reprint of the first scientific Helix3D study and obtain other information under Documents | Information material.


Image Gallery

Helix3D - Let’s Open up New Dimensions.
Helix3D - Compensation of pelvic rotation.
Helix3D - New kind of spring-hydraulics-control of stance and swing.
Helix3D - PU-elements support initiation of swing.
Helix3D - Systematic Fitting.

Information material | 7E10 Helix3D
In the document below you will find further product information about the 7E10 Helix3D Hip Joint System.

This is not a PDF document with low-barrier readability. (im_646D314_GB_7E10-Helix3D.pdf | 711.73 KB)
Information material | 7E10 Helix3D Offprint
In the document below you will find an offprint of the article “The New Helix3D Hip Joint” – a special edition from the German professional journal: Orthopädie Technik 5/08, publisher Orthopädie-Technik, Dortmund

This is not a PDF document with low-barrier readability. (im_646d344_gb_offprint_helix3D.pdf | 216.80 KB)

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