6Y522/ 6Y523

This is a polyurethane liner with tapered wall thickness that makes it easier to flex the knee.

Simplicity Tapered-Liner 6Y522/ 6Y523 von Otto Bock.

6Y522/ 6Y523

At a Glance

  • Ideal for use with an exhaust valve and sealing sleeve or with the Harmony® system 
  • Excellent protection against forces acting on the socket 
  • Flow properties maintain a precise, comfortable fit 
  • For all residual limb types, especially sensitive, bony and/ or scarred residual limbs 
  • Low to high activity level
  • Uses a full-contact socket according to the Harmony® principle 
  • Available with the antibacterial material SkinGuard® Technology


6Y522/ 6Y523 Simplicity Tapered-Liner

This polyurethane liner is available with the SKINGUARD® Technology antibacterial additive that provides protection from bacteria, thus preventing unpleasant odours. In addition, the Simplicity tapered liner has a thinner tapered wall that makes it easier to flex the knee.

The 6Y522 Simplicity tapered liner is a standard liner without textile cover, and is used in combination with the Harmony® System and a sealing sleeve. The 6Y523 Simplicity tapered liner should be combined with an exhaust valve and sealing sleeve.

Article no. 6Y522 6Y523
Connection without distal connection
Wall thickness 6 mm up to 10 cm distal, tapering to 3 mm proximal
Sizes (distal circumference) 190 mm, 210 mm, 230 mm, 250 mm, 290 mm, 310 mm
Textile cover no textile cover, light blue

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