Dynamic – The 1E57 Lo Rider

Lightweight, low-clearance design delivers great performance for patients with Symes amputations.

1E57 Lo Rider of Otto Bock.

1E57 Lo Rider

At a Glance

  • Dynamic foot for Symes amputees
  • Very low structural height can be supplied without pyramid adapter
  • Low weight
  • High energy return
  • Recommended for Mobility Grades 3 and 4

With the dynamic 1E57 Lo Rider, you can supply active Symes amputees. For very low structural heights, it is possible to order the foot without a pyramid adapter and to use it with the XO coupler. In that case, the installed height including the coupler is only 36 millimeters.

Dynamic Gait

With its very low weight, high energy return, and the carbon fiber construction, it makes dynamic walking possible for your patients. The heel strike is absorbed by the special construction.

The Lo Rider is available in the sizes 22 to 31 centimeters. For amputees with the Mobility Grade 3, the 1E57 can be used up to a weight of 136 kilograms / 300 pounds; for Mobility Grade 4, the maximum weight is 100 kilograms / 220 pounds. The functional and attractive foot shell of the Lo Rider is offered in beige and light brown. The foot shell is not included in the scope of delivery and must be ordered separately.

Quality for life

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