Next Generation 3R90 and 3R92

The design of these modular knee joints with friction brake has been fully redeveloped. They feature unique technology with an innovative, load-dependent brake mechanism.

3R90 & 3R92 | Modular Knee Joints with Friction Brake

At a Glance

  • Innovative, load-dependent brake mechanism
  • Ultimate stability and safety in the stance phase
  • High functional stability while extending the life of the joint 
  • Fresh new look 
  • Approved for users with a body weight of up to 125 kg
  • 3R90 suitable for mobility grades 1 and 2 
  • 3R92 suitable for mobility grades 2 and 3



Functionality and Advantages

The 3R90 and 3R92 modular knee joints with friction brake offer ultimate stability and security in the entire stance phase. At the start of the stance phase, the load-dependent brake mechanism is activated when the heel impacts the ground. The joint is then locked and can no longer be flexed. This prevents sudden unintentional flexion and reduces the risk of a fall.
As soon as you put weight on the anterior part of your foot at the end of the stance phase, the brake mechanism is automatically deactivated and the swing phase can be initiated without having to consciously take your weight off the prosthesis. This is a decisive advantage compared to conventional knee joints with friction brake, since the swing phase is now initiated easily and harmoniously. Raising the hip in an unphysiological manner is not required.
The 3R90 and 3R92 knee joints with friction brake combine a high level of safety and a harmonious gait pattern.

What are the differences between the 3R90 and 3R92 modular knee joints with friction brake? Control in the swing phase:

3R90 Modular Knee Joint with Friction Brake for Patients with Mobility Grades 1 and 2.


The 3R90 is equipped with a mechanical spring-operated extension assist:
The joint is flexed at the beginning of the swing-through phase, the lower leg swings back, and a combination spring in the joint stores energy. The spring then releases this energy, resulting in a smooth forward pendulum motion of the lower leg until the prosthesis is fully extended and the heel once again impacts the ground. This results in a harmonious gait pattern. Your prosthetist can adjust the basic tension of the spring, thereby adapting the spring effect to your individual needs step-by-step.
The 3R90 is suitable for patients with a low to medium mobility grade.

3R92 Modular Knee Joint with Friction Brake for Patients with Mobility Grades 2 and 3.


The 3R92 has an integrated pneumatic cylinder – similar to the principle of an air pump:
So-called pneumatic swing phase control makes your gait pattern significantly more harmonious. The 3R92 also allows you to control the movements of your lower leg with alternating walking speeds. The innovative dual-chamber pneumatic system of the 3R92 is equipped with two separate valves, so that your prosthetist can independently adjust the damping level during leg flexion and extension. In particular, users with a medium mobility grade will appreciate the smooth, energy-efficient functionality of progressive pneumatic swing phase control (the higher the speed, the greater the damping effect during flexion and extension in the swing phase).

Another Advantage

The redesigned plastic covers of the 3R90 and 3R92 modular knee joints with friction brake feature a modern design and protect mechanical joint components and your cosmetic foam cover against wear.

Mobility Grades 1 and 2.

Mobility Grades 1 and 2

Area of Application according to the Otto Bock Mobility System MOBIS®: Recommended for amputees with Mobility Grades 1 and 2. Approved up to 125 kg body weight.

Symbol for mobility grade 2 and 3 up to a weight of 125kg.

Mobility Grades 2 and 3

Area of application according to the Otto Bock MOBIS® mobility system: Recommended for amputees with mobility grade 2 and 3. Approved for a patient weight up to 125 kg.

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