MyoHand VariPlus Speed®

The MyoHand VariPlus Speed® is a new development from Otto Bock. It combines the mechanical characteristics of the SensorHand Speed® and the control options of the DMC VariPlus system electric gripper.

MyoHand VariPlus Speed.

MyoHand VariPlus Speed®

At a glance

  • Available in 3 hand sizes (7 ¼, 7 ¾, 8 ¼)
  • Available with 3 connection options (quick-disconnect wrist, lamination ring, threaded stud)
  • High active proportional gripping strength (up to 100 N)
  • High proportional speed (up to 300 mm/s)
  • No coding plug (programme selection using the 757T13 MyoSelect)
  • Grip recognition and gripping strength build-up via bow sensor
  • No thumb sensorMigration of control programmes from the DMC VariPlus gripper – Advantage: Fast digital control programme



Thanks to the high gripping strength and speed, objects can be gripped quickly and precisely. With the 757T13 MyoSelect, a total of 6 different programmes can be selected and adapted according to your customer’s indications. This permits optimum adaptation to the needs and abilities of the prosthesis wearer.

The elimination of the thumb sensor allows your customer to grip actively and consciously. Items have to be held and positioned by targeted muscle signals since the electronics of the MyoHand do not readjust the gripping strength automatically. This is why Otto Bock recommends the MyoHand VariPlus Speed® for active patients with a low amputation level in particular. A key advantage of the hand is that the user can actively build up a gripping strength of up to 100 N. An optimum selection for your patient can be made from numerous different control programmes. With each control programme, the speed and build-up of gripping strength can be optimally adapted to user requirements using the 757T13 MyoSelect.

Order numbers:

  • 8E38=9* With quick-disconnect wrist
  • 8E39=9* With lamination ring
  • 8E41=9* With threaded stud

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