1A30 Greissinger Plus-Foot

 On cobblestone streets, in the woods, or on the job – with the Greissinger Plus-Foot, you can master everyday challenges. The foot easily compensates for uneven surfaces.


1A30 Greissinger Plus of Otto Bock.

At a Glance

  • Easily adapts to uneven surfaces
  • Easy rollover from the heel to the toes
  • Uniform gait pattern
  • Secure standing and walking
  • Natural appearance
  • Suitable for moderate activity

On cobblestone streets, in the woods, at work, or at home – if you like to be out and about independently and you value safety and walking comfort, then the Greissinger Plus is the ideal foot for you. This proven foot adapts to uneven surfaces while still providing the easy rollover and stability you count on.

The Greissinger Plus is designed to provide equal stability while walking or standing. It features a joint that is flexible in all directions to adapt easily to different terrains. This means that carpet edges, gravel walkways, lawns or similar obstacles no longer represent a problem since the foot adapts to all surface conditions. At the same time, the Greissinger Plus provides easy rollover from the heel to the toes. Your gait appears more natural and uniform. This is achieved with a rubber element that forms a ring around the joint. The firmness of this rubber ring can be adjusted to your requirements and your personal gait pattern.

In addition, the 1A30 Greissinger Plus distinguishes itself through its attractive appearance. The toes are individually shaped so that the foot appears natural and inconspicuous.

The Greissinger Plus is available in the sizes from 24 to 29 centimeters and can be used with people who weigh up to 100 kilograms depending on the foot size.


Characteristic  1A30
Mobility Level  2 + 3
Heel height  10 +/- 5mm
Sides  left (L), right (R)
Sizes   24 cm  25 cm  26 cm  27 cm  28 cm  29 cm 

System height
mit 2R54/2R31/2R8

 67 mm  68 mm  69 mm  70 mm  71 mm  72 mm
Weight ** (in g)  ~ 620  ~ 670  ~ 705  ~ 760  ~ 810  ~ 820
max. body weight

75 kg

100 kg

Color  beige

Quality for life

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