Driving a Car with Two Prosthetic Arms

A recent media event held at the Otto Bock Science Center Medical Technology presented an impressive example of what technology for people can do: Christian Kandlbauer drives a car with two prosthetic arms.

Driving a Car with Two Prosthetic Arms.

Christian Kandlbauer uses his myoelectric DynamicArm® to operate the steering wheel. On the left, he has been fitted with the first mind-controlled arm prosthesis in Europe. It represents the realisation of a medical technology vision - an intuitively controlled prosthesis - and allows him to control the direction indicator lights, horn and all other safety-related devices. Otto Bock and PARAVAN, the global market leader in the conversion of vehicles for the disabled, equipped his series vehicle with special customised accessories.

Christian Kandlbauer passed his driving test with flying colours. His vehicle with its special equipment has been approved by the TÜV. Ever since then he has been driving the seven kilometres from his home to his place of work in the Steiermark independently and without assistance. Christian Kandlbauer summarises the impact on his life as follows: "For me, getting my driver's license and a car means even more freedom."

Professor Hans Georg Näder, Christian Kandlbauer.

Subsequent questions from journalists to Professor Hans Georg Näder, chairman and CEO of Otto Bock HealthCare, Roland Arnold, CEO of PARAVAN, Dr. Hubert Egger, head of the Research and Development project for the mind-controlled arm and Christian Kandlbauer himself revolved around the functionality of this one-of-a-kind prosthesis developed by Otto Bock and the vehicle converted by PARAVAN. Answers to these questions can be found here:

How a mind-controlled arm prosthesis works

Otto Bock first presented a unique advancement in the medical technology field in Vienna at the end of 2007 and Germany in 2008: The mind-controlled arm prosthesis.

Auto von Christian Kandlbauer.

Special features of the vehicle

Unrestricted mobility for Mr. Kandlbauer in cooperation with Otto Bock Austria.

Bleistift liegt auf einem Notizzettel.

Media Information in Keywords

From information about amputations in Germany to a portrait of Christian Kandlbauer and a profile of Otto Bock Austria.



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