Standing devices

Stand safely and securely without any need for anchors. Stand where you want, indoor or outdoors.

Freistehbarren für Erwachsene von Otto Bock.

Standing Frame for adults

At a glance

  • Adjustable handrail bars within a range of approx. 80 cm and 105 cm.
  • Gas cylinder assisted height adjustment of the table board within a range of approx. 90 cm and 130 cm.
  • The automatic strap device can be shifted by approx. 20 cm independently from the table board.
  • Vertically adaptable knee pads by approx. 20 cm.
  • Individual fixation of the feet in four possible positions using hook & loop straps and detachable heel restraints.

Range of Application

The Standing Frame is an important part of many therapy regimes. The act of standing helps to stretch muscles and tendons to prevent contractures, improves circulation, extends the abdominal cavity for respiration and digestive processes to function easily and helps in the evacuation of the upper urethal tract. It allows safe, stable, and independent standing.

Although there are several configurations of the Standing Frame the basic principle behind their use is the same. By blocking the knees against the knee pads on the Standing Frame, positioning the feet on the footplate and lifting the pelvis, the user can be safely raised from a sitting position into the standing position in stages depending on the user ability.

The Standing Frame is a free-standing device and can be used on any flat, solid ground without additional attachment to a wall.

The transport wheels allow easier movability (change of place living room, terrace, etc.).

To provide individual fitting the following items should be considered:

  • Height and weight of the body (max. user weight 120 kg).
  • Physical and psychological constitutions.
  • Home environment
Infoblatt Freistehbarren Erwachsene
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