The Mind-Controlled Everyday Prothesis

The mind-controlled prosthetic arm makes it possible to perform movements in the joints as they were performed by the natural arm prior to amputation: intuitively and simultaneously.

Illustration of the Mind-Controlled Everyday Prothesis from Otto Bock.

Christian Kandlbauer had lost both his arms as a consequence of a high-voltage accident. He was fitted with a myoelectric DynamicArm® on his right side and a development that sounded like science fiction until recently on his left side: the DynamicArm® TMR, the world's first prosthetic arm controlled by the power of the mind. He was able to control his revolutionary prosthetic left arm just by moving his phantom arm in his mind.

The prototype tested in the laboratory was successfully developed into a mind-controlled arm prosthesis suitable for everyday use. The present version with three joints already offers the user an extraordinarily high degree of autonomy and independence in everyday life. For Christian Kandlbauer, this meant that he could return to work in an auto repair shop and live without requiring assistance from others.

Christian Kandlbauer passed away in October of 2010 in the aftermath of a traffic accident on his way to work. The achievements in research and development that he helped to reach have created a solid foundation for the continuation of this technological project.

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Challenging: as Christian's abilities grow, so do his tasks.
Relaxed: Christian takes a break with a cup of tea.
Reliable: Christian takes care of the inventory in the replacement parts warehouse.
Health-conscious: Christian makes a fruit salad.

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