Walk Star

The Walk-Star is a walking and mobility aid, which is positioned behind the child‘s body and which supports an upright posture. The lightweight frame of aluminum is available in five sizes.

Walking aid Walk Star from Otto Bock.

Safe Support – the Walk Star Aid for Walking

At a glance

  • Light aluminum frame in five sizes
  • Grip height no lower than 39 centimeters for early fitting
  • Large range of accessories for different clinical pictures
  • Telescopic frame tube
  • Very safe against tipping

The walking and mobility aid called the Walk Star is applied behind the body to improve erectness and the natural course of movement.  You can fit children as young as two with this walking aid. Since the smallest size requires a grip height of no less than roughly 39 centimeters. We are offering the light aluminum frame in a total of five different sizes, so that you can ideally cover a wide range of ages with our Walk Star. The extensive number of accessories such as vertical hand grips with forearm supports and hip pads for stabilizing the upper body make this walking aid also suitable for various requirements and clinical pictures.

Telescopic frame tube for use over the long term

Adaptation of the Walk Star to the child's body height is made possible by telescoping frame tubes which also increase the support area to guarantee great stability and prevent tipping at all times. The rear wheels of the Walk Star are equipped with reverse-roll locking devices and thus prevent it from rolling backwards unintentionally.

Your customers can choose between front wheels that are rigid or swivel. The swiveling front wheels make it easier for a child to turn or spontaneously change directions. The walking aid also comes in three appealing frame colors. It goes without saying that the aluminum construction can be folded and stored easily and compactly.

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Different documents, CD´s and DVD´s about Otto Bock products.
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