Avantgarde CLT

Lightweight: in a class of its own with individual adaptation.

Avantgarde CLT

Avantgarde CLT

At a glance

  • Aluminium foldable active wheelchair
  • Custom fabrication per measurement form for each user
  • Compact frame geometry with ergonomically designed control elements
  • Broad selection of standard equipment, options and accessories
  • Modular structure permits retrofitting and changing options at any time
  • Consistent lightweight construction with 100 kg load capacity
  • Upgraded standard equipment includes ultra-light rims, ergonomic push handles, 25" rear wheels and carbon side panels
  • Individual construction with permanently welded components possible for further weight reduction


The perfect companion for ambitious wheelchair users

The Avantgarde CLT, optimised for low weight using modular lightweight construction with an aluminium tube frame and central double crossbrace, is also unrivalled in its segment in terms of appearance. For further weight reduction, the permanently welded version for experienced wheelchair users is just as elegant but even lighter.

Special details of the Avantgarde CLT - overview

  • Folding frame active wheelchair with modular structure
  • Closed anterior frame with integrated footrest
  • Anterior frame angle of 70° or 80°, depending on the required knee angle and leg position
  • 90° anterior frame without footrest for bilateral amputees
  • Footrest and side panels made of aluminium
  • Adaptable back upholstery, angle-adjustable footplates
  • Rear wheel adapter to fine-tune the tipping point, wheelbase, seat angle, wheel camber and toe-in; alternative: permanently welded rear wheel position
  • Steering caster adapter to adjust the anterior seat height as well as leading/trailing correction
  • Fully configurable product in a building block system, partially made to measure upon request
  • Made to order


Primary: paraplegia / paraparesis, tetraplegia / tetraparesis, spina bifida, poliomyelitis, muscular dystrophy.
Secondary: multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, rheumatic disorders, dysmelia / amputation.
Information material | Avantgarde 3
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