Individual adaptation to the therapy

Our static and dynamic arm abduction orthoses can be adapted individually for different types of therapy. The dynamic version supports active training exercises.

Arm Abduction Orthosis | 28A11/18A21

Arm Abduction Orthosis | 28A11/ 28A21

At a glance

  • Functional positioning with abduction
  • Choice of static (28A21) or dynamic (28A11) abduction units with adjustable abduction angle
  • Can be worn on either side
  • Attached securely to the body
  • Individual fitting to the patient

The arm abduction orthoses are used for post-operative and post-traumatic conditions of the shoulder-arm region. The key advantage of this orthosis is the broad range of indications covered by its modular design. The static abduction unit can be exchanged quickly and easily for the dynamic one.

One design - two treatment options

The differences between the two versions are adjustability of the abduction angle and the abductor training function. The static orthosis features an abduction angle range of 25° to 135° and allows the arm to be supported in the desired position. The dynamic version (continuously adjustable abduction angle from 40° to 90°) also features a unit which allows for an optional training function in addition to the fixed abduction angle.

Both orthoses allow for application of horizontal flexion between 8° to 45° to the shoulder joint. 

Practical adjustment options

The length of the splint between the shoulder joint and the movable elbow joint can be adjusted, allowing for optimal fitting of the orthosis to the body. Wide straps with hook and loop material also ensure that the orthosis can be attached securely to the body and donned and doffed without complications. The low weight and good hygienic properties increase wearer comfort. The orthosis is suitable for fittings on either side.

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