The Manu Neurexa supports and stabilises the wrist

The Manu Neurexa stabilises the wrist and hand in a neutral position. Perception of the wrist and hand is enhanced, actively promoting movement.

Manu Neurexa 4165 made by Ottobock.

Manu Neurexa

At a glance

  • Supports and stabilises the wrist
  • Pain reduction
  • Stimulates activity
  • Discreet orthosis with an attractive design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Temperature-regulating characteristics





When the arm or wrist is paralysed following a stroke or peripheral nerve damage, wrist support and stabilisation are frequently required. The Manu Neurexa keeps the wrist and hand in a natural, neutral position that promotes active movement. The more you use your wrist and hand, the more mobility is restored. In addition, the Manu Neurexa protects your hand and wrist against impacts.

The Manu Neurexa is largely made of the special temperature-regulating material PCM, which prevents the development of excessive heat. PCM is extremely soft and comfortable, and should be worn directly on the skin in order to take full advantage of the material characteristics.

You can easily put the Manu Neurexa on and take it off yourself. It is machine washable at 40° Celsius.

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