Optimal treatment for slight to moderate instability of the knee

The Genu Direxa and Genu Direxa, wraparound offer the best possible treatment for knee problems with slight to moderate ligament laxity and instability.

Genu Direxa and Genu Direxa, wraparound | 8356N/ 8353N

At a glance

  • Pain relief and improved knee joint function
  • Innovative material provides compression as well as breathability
  • Polycentric joints with maximum extension and flexion limits
  • Two circumferential elastic straps
  • Covered joint bars (suitable for contact sports)
  • Closed version supports patella tracking
  • Suitable for left or right side

The Genu Direxa and the Genu Direxa, wraparound provide optimal treatment for your customers' knee problems with slight to moderate ligament laxity and/or slight to moderate instability.

These supports improve sensorimotor function through controlled compression. Pain is relieved and knee joint function is improved.

The new Click-2-Go® joint systems have reached a new dimension in terms of design and functionality. The polycentric joints offer maximum extension and flexion limits. The supports also feature two circumferential elastic straps and covered joint bars, making them suitable for contact sports.

The innovative material makes the supports especially attractive: It offers the compression of neoprene and the breathability of textiles. Wearer comfort is assured, even during long-term use, thanks to the especially soft lining material.

Illustration of the used material with different layers.
Knee orthosis Genu Direxa 8356N made by Ottobock.

Genu Direxa 8356N

The Genu Direxa also supports patella tracking. Active persons often prefer this closed version, which has pocket grips for easier positioning of the orthosis.

Knee orthosis Genu Direxa, wraparound 8353N made by Ottobock.

Genu Direxa, wraparound 8353N

The hook-and-loop closure makes the open version of the orthosis easy to put on and take off - especially for patients with limited gripping strength and mobility.

Patella Pro

Patella Pro
The solution for anterior knee pain.
Patella Pro
Quality for life

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