Custom-made ankle-foot orthoses

Custom-made ankle-foot orthoses meet high demands for function and fit. Our offer includes a wide range of ankle-foot orthoses and joint versions in order to meet your individual requirements.

Walk On Flex.

Walk On Flex | Walk On Trimable

Walk On® Flex / Walk On Trimable® provides you with a lift of your foot during your swing phase; stumbling is prevented and a faster, safer and a more stable gait are obtained.

Ankle Foot Orthosis 28U9 of Otto Bock.

Ankle Foot Orthosis

In case of weakness of dorsiflexion of the foot, the Ankle Foot Orthosis helps you master all everyday challenges. Since the risk of falling or tripping is reduced, you walk safely once again.

Walk on of Otto Bock.


You want to structure your life actively, and want to be dynamically supported because of weakness of dorsiflexion of the foot.

Ankle Joints 17M1/M2 of Otto Bock.

Ankle Joints 17M1/M2

The ankle joints are used in lower leg plastic orthoses. They offer the technician many options to create lightweight, functional orthoses for children and adults.

System Ankle Joint 17B66 of Otto Bock.

Ankle Joint 17B66

The multifunction system ankle joint is designed for individual adaptation. Should your requirements change, your orthopedic technician can easily adjust the joint as required.

Unilateral Ankle Joint 17LA1

Ankle Joint 17LA1

The special feature of the unilateral ankle joint 17LA1 is the unusually slim construction. Your child can largely wear normal footwear; the joint is hardly noticeable during everyday use.