Kimba Neo

This new rehab buggy combines maximum functionality while meeting the highest aesthetic criteria and providing numerous individual settings.

The new rehab buggy Kimba Neo of Otto Bock.

Kimba Neo

At a Glance

Perfect Seating

  • Optimal positioning and support for the child
  • Support for therapy goals
  • Multiple adjustment possibilities
  • Suspension absorbs shocks
  • Seat can be placed so that it faces parents
  • Easy handling
  • A wide variety of additional features

A rehab buggy should satisfy the needs of the child and match the circumstances of the family, provide optimal assistance for therapy and still appear like a regular buggy. The new Kimba Neo does all of that!

It covers a large range of the fitting spectrum.

Thanks to numerous adjustment possibilities for the multifunction seat, the Kimba Neo can be adjusted to meet the individual needs of your child. The integrated suspension is also continuously adjustable to the needs of the user – and helps prevent spasms due to vibrations. To switch between an active seating position and rest position (e.g. to relieve strain on the spine), the Kimba Neo offers a continuous seat tilt adjustment that can be operated with just one hand. For sleeping, the back rest can be lowered to the reclining position. All of these functions can also be used when the seat has been rotated opposite to the direction of travel, so that parents can maintain eye contact with their child.

The Kimba Neo offers numerous advantages for parents as well. Thanks to the sophisticated folding mechanism, the buggy can be folded and stowed away quickly. Removing the seating unit from the mobility base and replacing it so the child faces the parent is just as easy.

With all of these features, the Kimba Neo fully supports therapy goals – when the child is seated in a stable position, it can actively perceive its environment and develop motor skills.

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Children in need – Relief for Syria
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