SiOCX® TF Socket System

With its innovative combination of high-tech materials, the SiOCX® TF socket system with its residual limb socket offers a whole new feeling of prosthesis control.

SiOCX® TF Socket System of Ottobock.

SiOCX® TF Socket System


  • Easy to clean socket system with inner socket that can be sterilised
  • Reduced perspiration
  • Material that is safe from a dermatology perspective
  • High surface adhesion for an excellent fit on the residual limb
  • Flexible socket edges that adapt to movements
  • Silicone gel pads for sensitive areas of the residual limb
  • Enhanced sitting comfort thanks to flexible outer socket sections

As the requirements for prosthetic fittings increase, so do the standards for the prosthetic socket as the interface between the patient and medical device. The innovative combination of high-tech materials in the new SiOCX® TF socket results in significant improvements in terms of wearer comfort, flexibility, adhesion and custom residual limb socket technology. This is achieved by the combination of an HTV medical grade silicone inner socket and a carbon prepreg outer socket in the SiOCX® TF.

The use of silicone improves adhesion of the socket on the residual limb. This enhances the functionality of the fitting in terms of prosthesis control as well as the level of security perceived by the user. A donning aid makes the prosthetic socket easy to put on.

The comfortable silicone inner socket is particularly skin-friendly. Medical grade silicone of the highest documented purity is used. The material is breathable and hypoallergenic, can be sterilised and therefore assures improved hygiene.

SiOCX® TF Schaft von Ottobock.

The ability to combine various materials in one socket significantly improves the level of comfort. Using silicone with varying degrees of hardness as well as integrated gel pads significantly enhances wearer comfort, even for sensitive areas of the residual limb. The soft edge of the socket also increases the range of motion for the residual limb, and makes it easier for the prosthesis wearer to master everyday challenges.
With the stable, lightweight carbon fibre outer socket and an integrated, flexible dorsal section, the residual limb can better adapt to a sitting position. This makes sitting more comfortable – even on hard surfaces and over extended periods of time.

The SiOCX® TF socket is suitable for patients at all activity levels who value functionality, comfort and hygiene. Thanks to improved residual limb adhesion and the soft silicone material, fittings for residual limbs that are short or sensitive to pressure do not pose a problem.



Ordering SiOCX® TF socket of Ottobock.


You already have a properly fitted test or definitive socket for the patient.

Send the test or definitive socket or a plaster positive of the same, along with the completed order form, to Otto Bock Service Fabrication. 

Otto Bock Service Fabrication will fabricate a definitive silicone inner socket combined with a thermoplastic outer socket and ship it within 10 working days.

You determine the final shape, the course of the socket edge and the adapter position on the diagnosis outer socket.

Please send the diagnosis outer socket along with the silicone inner socket and the completed order form to Otto Bock Service Fabrication.

Otto Bock Service Fabrication will fabricate the definitive SiOCX® TF socket and ship it within 7 working days – by request also as a fully preassembled prosthesis.

Now you can fit your patient with an innovative definitive socket which combines enhanced comfort with improved hygiene and functionality.

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