Leg Prosthetics

You can rely on our modular system – a comprehensive selection of knees, feet and adaptors – to fabricate and fit a prosthesis that matches your patients’ needs.
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Prosthetic Feet

Does your patient need it for everyday activities or for athletic challenges? Does he prefer a natural appearance or an award-winning design?
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Our adapters connect the prosthetic socket and components such as the prosthetic knee joint and foot. They are characterized by high quality, durability, and reliability.


Socket Technologies

Feeling the maximum in comfort and security at every step and being able to rely fully on the prosthesis system: That is socket technology – good seating and optimum fit of the prosthesis.


Hip Joint System

After some decades of technical standstill in the field of prosthetic fittings of hip Amputees, Otto Bock presented a revolutionary solution in May 2008.

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Knee Joints

The following pages contain information on knee joints from Otto Bock. Our Mobility Grades will help you  select the product which is suited for your patient.


Design your own C-Leg Protector

Protector-Design von Ottobock.
Create your own Protector design at ottobock.com/protector-design
Protector-Design von Ottobock.
Quality for life

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