Fascinated. With Michelangelo.

As the centrepiece of the new Axon-Bus prosthetic system, the Michelangelo Hand gives users an unimaginable user experience and incredible freedom of movement.

The Ottobock Michelangelo Hand in the maximum extension position.

Michelangelo Hand

At a glance

  • Thumb can be positioned separately
  • Seven different hand positions
  • Flexible wrist joint
  • Very natural-looking appearance






The Innovation

As a system provider, Ottobock is offering a completely new prosthetic system that ensures fast and secure data transmission based on digital data transfer technology. The prosthetic system can also be expanded thanks to the intelligent Axon-Bus system.

Features of the Axon-Bus system:

  • Optimally coordinated system
  • Very high grip force and speed
  • Modular structure makes it expandable

The Technology

The flexible wrist joint permits flexion, extension and rotation. Another new feature is the ability to separately position the thumb using muscle signals. This allows entirely new hand positions.

  • Active thumb positioning with two movement axes
  • Wrist joint with flexion, extension and rotation
  • Significantly more freedom
  • Individual choice of controls


The Design

The Michelangelo Hand features a very natural-looking design with hard and soft structures that replicate physiological bones, joints, muscles and tendons.

In addition, the oval wrist adapter looks much more natural than a conventional prosthetic wrist.

A fitting with the Michelangelo Hand offers new movement possibilities for the user. It makes many everyday situations easier to handle, so that the Michelangelo user can participate in life more actively and naturally – both at work and at play.

Visit our interactive website and take a look at the technology behind the Michelangelo Hand at

You'll find videos of the Michelangelo Hand in use, as well as supporting documents and images.

The Michelangelo augmented reality app also offers you the opportunity to experience the Michelangelo Hand in 3D.

Experience the Michelangelo Hand in 3D

Experience the Michelangelo Hand in 3D
Take an interactive journey of discovery with augmented reality.
Experience the Michelangelo Hand in 3D
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