Mobility throughout the winter

Winter mobility at last. Wheelblades are the first runners for wheelchairs (and buggies) worldwide, and take only seconds to install.

Runners for all wheelchairs and buggies worldwide

Greater freedom in winter with Wheelblades

At a Glance

  • World novelty: winter runners for all wheelchairs and buggies


No more sinking in snow or poor control in winter conditions. With Wheelblades, wheelchair users can finally stay mobile in winter, too. Of course the same applies for families with strollers or rehab buggies.


Here's how it works

The runners provide optimal weight distribution on the snow, thereby preventing sinking and permitting easier steering. Since the friction is very low, Wheelblades are also able to compensate for larger surface irregularities. Bindings for various sizes are available with Wheelblades, just like with skis. Simply place the front wheels in the bindings and fasten them with a single click. Wheelblades work with all models available on the market.

And because they are lightweight and easy to use, age and physical fitness do not play a role. Wheelblades help every user to enjoy greater freedom and a new quality of life.

Now available from medical supply stores.

Place Wheelblades in front of the wheelchair, …
drive up and …
position front wheels in the bindings, …
engage the closure and drive away!

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