3R65 Modular Pediatric Knee Joint with Hydraulic Swing Phase Control

Lightweight aluminum, single axis, with proximal adjustment pyramid and distal tube clamp.

3R65 Aluminum
Modular Knee Joint with Hydraulic Swing Phase Control 3R65 from Otto Bock.

Lightweight, single axis knee, with proximal adjustment pyramid and distal tube clamp.
For weights up to 45 kg / 99 lbs., 145 cm / 57 in. height and 21 cm foot size (children’s size 3).

Moving More Naturally - The 3R65 Modular Knee Joint

At a Glance
- Hydraulic swing phase control
- Integrated terminal dampening
- Dynamic adaptation to various walking speeds
- Adjustable

Our monocentric 3R65 Knee Joint offers extraordinary functionality for young users due to the hydraulic swing phase control. A miniature hydraulic system promotes natural movements and enables dynamic adaptation to various walking speeds. The integrated terminal dampening ensures a comfortable stop in the extension position.

The extension and flexion dampening can be individually adapted to the mobility level of the child. Children enjoy the knee’s colorful appearance, which captures their attention, leading to playful learning and a more natural gait pattern. The 3R65 is suitable for weights up to 45 kilograms / 99 lbs.

Article number 3R65
Proximal connection adjustment pyramid
Distal connection tube clamp Ø 22 mm
Weight 315 g
Flexion angle 145°
System height 74 mm
Proximal system height 67 mm
Distal system height 7 mm
Material Aluminum
Maximum weight  45 kg / 99 lbs

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