Prosthetic Feet

Does your patient need it for everyday activities or for athletic challenges? Does he prefer a natural appearance or an award-winning design? In our wide range of prosthetic feet you will surely find the solution that meets his needs.

Carbon Feet

Walking at various speeds, going uphill and downhill, feeling safe on uneven and varied surfaces while experiencing a harmonic rollover - these are the complex requirements for a modern carbon foot.

Dynamic Foot 1D35 of Otto Bock.

Dynamic Feet

Whatever the Way. Whatever the Time. The natural-formed Dynamic feet.


Greissinger Plus Foot

The Greissinger Plus has a joint that imitates the omni-directional mobility of the human foot. It compensates for uneven surfaces; your patient stands and walks safely.

1M10 Adjust | Otto Bock.

Adjust Foot

More mobility thanks to a stable stance and natural gait pattern, more individuality by adapting the foot to personal requirements – that is what the 1M10 Adjust stands for.

The new SACH foot generation by Ottobock

SACH+ feet

SACH+ feet, the new generation of SACH feet, are even more robust than their predecessors. Like the tried and tested SACH feet, they offer a high degree of security at mobility grades 1 and 2.


Single-Axis Feet

Single-axis feet have been used thousands of times in the past decades, and are specially designed to reliably meet the needs of less active patients that are at an Otto Bock Mobility Grade of 1 or 2.


Light Cosmetic Foot

We developed the light cosmetic foot especially for prosthesis wearers with a low level of activity. It distinguishes itself through the secure heel strike.


Quality for life

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