Mygo - Seating System

The optimised Mygo seating system is now even sturdier and more practical, offering effective postural support for children and making everyday life as easy as possible.

The new Mygo seating system of Otto Bock.

Mygo - Seating System

At a glance


  • Two sizes for children aged 3 to 14 years
  • Grows with the child for a long time
  • Comprehensive postural positioning
  • Mobility and abilities of the child are promoted
  • Suitable for various Otto Bock mobility bases
  • Many adjustment options for individual adaptation
  • Easy handling
  • Individual leg guidance

The Mygo seating system by Leckey offers maximum postural support for children aged three to fourteen years. At the same time, the existing abilities and mobility of the child are further promoted and not restricted. This seating system supports the child in a safe and protected position, making it possible for the child to perform daily activities such as eating, playing or doing homework. Mygo brings the child into a symmetrical, physiological, natural position with stabilisation from the pelvis. This simultaneously increases the stability of the torso and head.

Optimal Support

The Mygo System supports seating posture in three key areas. First, the pelvis is optimally positioned so that the child is seated securely at all times. Second, the seating system offers a range of options for optimum support of the head and trunk. The flexible sacral support, trunk pads as well as the backrest and headrest can all be adjusted to meet the individual needs of the child. The leg supports permit optimum positioning and ensure that the Mygo grows along with the child. 

Easy Adaptation to Otto Bock Mobility Bases

Adapting the seating system to our Discovery, Kimba (size 2) and Skippi products is easy and straightforward, making it versatile for both indoor and outdoor use. The well-known Otto Bock parallel adapter also makes it very convenient for parents to attach the Mygo seating system to mobility bases in a few simple steps. In addition, Mygo features a fresh and modern design in four bright upholstery colours.

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Children in need – Relief for Syria
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