More independence with the Standing Frame for Children

When standing, children see things from a totally different perspective: Right at eye level with playmates, they can participate actively while being supported by our standing frame.



At a glance

  • Enables children to stand up as independently as possible
  • Does not have to be attached to walls
  • Can be rolled across level indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Electric strap rewinder for children with reduced arm strength
  • Variety of accessories for various clinical pictures


The Standing Frame for Children is specially designed to permit safe and stable standing. Now children can stand at eye level with their friends and experience their environment in a whole new way. At the same time, their sense of balance is stimulated through pressure on the reflex zones on the surface of the feet. The Standing Frame can improve spatial orientation. Shortening of the muscles, contractures, spasms and circulatory problems are also prevented.

Effectively relieves parents

A key feature of our Standing Frame for Children is that it does not need to be attached to the wall. The Standing Frame rests on four wheels so that it can be moved to any indoor or outdoor location with an even surface. Children can stand anywhere they like and become more integrated into family life.

The height of the footplate can be individually aligned with a children’s wheelchair. This eliminates the need for transferring the child back to the wheelchair and significantly reduces the strain on parents. The Standing Frame allows children to stand up and sit down as independently as possible. The basic model comes with support bars and pads. As soon as the child begins to stand up, the strap rewinder locks the right and left strap in any position. The child is held securely and may rest or reposition his or her hands and then gradually stand up.

Optional electric strap system

The optional electric strap rewinder helps children with reduced arm strength stand up. The two systems give the child precisely the support he or she needs. Healthy body functions are efficiently utilized and promoted. Thanks to additional accessories such as swiveling pads, upper body supports or headrests, the Standing Frame can be adapted to meet different requirements and clinical pictures. The Standing Frame is suitable for children 120 to 150 centimeters tall.

Children in need
Relief for Syria

Children in need – Relief for Syria
Fundraising campaign of the Ottobock Foundation for the victims of the Syrian conflict.
Children in need – Relief for Syria
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