Free Walk™ KAFO

Your patient can walk smoothly and stand securely with the Free Walk system. This special Otto Bock orthosis system locks the knee joint during the stance phase and automatically releases it for the swing phase.

Orthese Free Walk 17OK1

170K1 Free Walk Orthosis: For a more natural gait

At a Glance

  • Free swing phase and stable stance phase
  • Smooth gait pattern
  • Relieves stress on the back, hips and knee joint
  • Prevents secondary damage caused by compensating movements
  • Custom fabricated for a perfect fit
  • Extremely comfortable and easy to use
  • New accessories available: Triple control and medial support



Walk smoothly and stand securely with the Free Walk system. This special Otto Bock orthosis system locks the knee joint during the stance phase and is automatically released for the swing phase. Patients can bend their leg and thus require less energy when walking. This orthosis reduces stress on the back, hips and knee joint. Unlike traditional orthoses, the Free Walk effectively reduces unnatural movements caused by hyperextension of the joint along with compensatory of the gluteal muscles. Secondary damage such as ligament instabilities and arthrosis pain are prevented.

Real Comfort

In addition, the unilateral joint bar design offers users increased comfort. Individual fabrication ensures optimal fit. The Free Walk is lightweight, thin, and stable so that it is inconspicuous under clothing. Thanks to the practical quick closures, your customer can put it on and take it off easily. The pads are made from skin-friendly material and are easy to clean.  Especially convenient: your patient can sit comfortably because the pad retainers are located in the front. In addition, the locked knee joint can easily be unlocked by hand.

Patient using the Free Walk Test Orthosis 170K1=T of Otto Bock.

Free Walk Test Orthosis 170K1=T

The Free Walk test orthosis is available as a practical aid for specialist dealers. It can be used to quickly and easily determine if a fitting with the Free Walk orthosis is suitable for a patient – for example in rehabilitation facilities. Available in one universal size, it is applied over the patient’s clothing and footwear.

Important: The Free Walk test orthosis is only available on loan from your authorised Otto Bock branch.

The Free Walk was developed for patients who, due to a partial paralysis or a complete failure of the knee extensors, are unable to stabilize their knee without compensatory measures. Our innovative design creates a more natural gait cycle by locking during stance phase and unlocking during swing phase. The automatic lock is initiated by knee extension, and is only released to swing freely when a knee extension moment and dorsiflexion occur simultaneously during terminal stance. The result is a more secure, efficient gait that also reduces the incidence of typical gait compensations.

This allows your customer to flex the leg and let it swing through freely. Non-physiological movements, which are associated with hyperextension of the joint through the compensatory use of the gluteus muscles in the use of conventional orthoses, are effectively reduced. Subsequent damages such as ligament instability and arthrosis complaints are therefore minimized. The Free Walk orthosis also relieves the back, hips, and knee joint. It provides your customer with security, stability, greater mobility as well as a largely normal gait.

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