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A torsion adapter in the prosthetic system provides the user with enhanced mobility. He can walk more safely and comfortably, at any time and place.

Torsion Adapter

At a Glance

  • Optimizes movement and gait symmetry
  • Marked reduction of painful shear forces in the stump area
  • Improved prevention of subsequent damages
  • More safety and mobility in everyday use and during sports
  • Suitable for all mobility levels
  • Advantageous for all types of amputees

Integrating a torsion adapter into the prosthestic system results in marked advantages for leg amputees, regardless of the type of leg amputation (see torsion function). The socket fixes the residual limb in place and therefore prevents rotation and torsion movements. Our torsion adapters can compensate for this lack of mobility. For the prosthesis wearer, this mainly means more safety when carrying out everyday activities on the job, at home, and during leisure time. In addition, our torsion adapters help to minimize shear forces in the residual limb area which can otherwise result in painful shifting of soft tissues under stress. The gait and movement patterns become more harmonious and the level of wearer comfort is improved. In addition, possible subsequent damages such as back pain caused by improper movements are prevented through the reduction in compensating movements.

More Everyday Safety

In most cases, limited mobility and pain avoidance reactions make a harmonious gait pattern impossible for amputees. With the torsion adapter, the increased mobility and lower stress on the residual limb have a positive effect in all movement situations – walking on level ground, climbing stairs, etc. Less concentration is required for walking, which means it is possible to pay more attention to the surroundings.

The increase in mobility is especially important during activities in tight spaces, on the job, and at home, where the prosthesis wearer gains security while carrying out everyday activities. The torsion adapter also makes greater mobility and comfort possible during leisure activities. Be it while playing golf or tennis or when looking after children – dynamic activities are made much easier.



Versions / Technical Data

Our torsion adapters are available in four versions and therefore offer many integration options for the prosthesis system. They all fulfill the same function and are suitable for all mobility levels.

4R85: Torsion adapter with tube clamp (Ø 30 mm) and pyramid receiver:
The 4R85 Torsion Adapter connects the knee joint to the Ø 30 mm tube adapter. It replaces the screw adapter.
Suitable for a body weight of up to 100 kg.

4R86: Torsion adapter with tube clamp (Ø 34 mm) and pyramid receiver:
The 4R86 Torsion Adapter connects the knee joint to the Ø 34 mm tube adapter. It replaces the screw adapter.
Suitable for a body weight of up to 110 kg.

4R39: Torsion adapter with tube (Ø 30 mm) and pyramid receiver:
The 4R39 Torsion Adapter has a Ø 30 mm tube. It replaces the tube adapter and bridges the distance between the prosthesis foot and the knee joint.

4R40: Torsion adapter with screw plate and pyramid receiver:
The 4R40 Torsion Adapter has a proximal screw plate. It replaces the socket attachment block.

The torsion moment for inner and outer rotation can be individually adjusted in the range from 7 to 19 Nm for all models. All Otto Bock torsion adapters allow a movement range of 20° to the inside and outside, respectively.

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