Safety for people with restricted mobility

The C-Leg compact was especially designed for the requirements of transfemoral amputees with limited mobility.

C-Leg compact.

Safety for people with restricted mobility – C-Leg compact

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  • Microprocessor-controlled leg prosthesis system, especially developed for the requirements of transfemoral amputees with limited mobility
  • High level of security due to electronically controlled hydraulic stance phase safety system
  • Relief for the contralateral side
  • Closely resembles the natural gait pattern
  • Secure walking on uneven surfaces, slopes, and stairs
  • C-Leg compact mobility warranty
  • Suitable for Mobility Grades 2 and 3

The C-Leg compact was especially designed for the requirements of transfemoral amputees with limited mobility, such as older persons with a low walking speed or users with a pronounced need for security. With the C-Leg compact, amputees starting at Mobility Grade 2 - limited outdoor walkers - can also enjoy the advantages of the electronic control system.

C-Leg compact - Advantages

A high level of security, not the highest possible activity levels, was the priority during the development of the C-Leg compact. Through the use of proven C-Leg Technology, the C-Leg compact continuously recognizes which walking phase the wearer is in, and adjust itself accordingly in real time. When sitting down in a chair or walking on an uneven surface, a slope, or stairs, the electronically controlled hydraulic stance phase security system is always active.  It stabilizes the joint from all the way from heel impact right up to the point when it switches over to the hydraulically controlled swing phase. This significantly reduces the risk of falling compared to conventional knee joints.

With the C-Leg compact, your patient can, in general, achieve a more natural gait pattern. The load is distributed evenly over both legs, which provides relief for the contralateral side. Due to the extraordinary level of safety, the amount of concentration required for using the prosthesis is relatively low; your patient can once again focus on the important things in life. Of course, the C-Leg compact can be adjusted to the individual safety requirements of the user, such as for walking down stairs. Individual adjustments corresponding to your patient’s requirements relating to residual limb activity and dynamics can be carried out just as easily.

C-Leg Protector from Ottobock.

C-Leg Protector

The C‑Leg Protector is the perfect accessory for C‑Leg  or C‑Leg compact wearers who are actively involved in life and like to take on challenges.



The basis of every fitting is a selection of components that can be individually configured.


C-Leg compact Warranty

The C-Leg compact warranty concept stands for highest possible mobility and safety at any step.


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