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Enlarging your range of goods offered by products complex manufacturing method by the Otto Bock Service Fabrication in the area of the arm prosthesis.

Day in, day out, you feel the pressure from the health insurance companies, the everfiercer competition and rising costs. Otto Bock Service Fabrication offers you a commercially viable alternative.

Here it is YOU who sits in the director’s chair. We will provide our resources and services in a pre-determined quality, at mutually agreed dates, and at a price set before the project starts. Plan product availability and save on both time and costs. We offer state-of-the-art international fabrication expertise.

As your innovative partner, Otto Bock Service Fabrication will take care of all your needs.

Silicone partial hand prosthesis

Silicone Partial Hand Prosthesis

Individually manufactured silicone partial hand prostheses combine the most functional design with high aesthetic standards.

Silicone finger “Natural” with acrylic nail

Silicone Finger Prosthesis

Fitting with a silicone finger prosthesis offers highly functional benefits. At the same time, it offers a visual and plastic restoration of the person's appearance.

SiOCX® TR Socket System of Ottobock.

SiOCX® TR Socket System

The SiOCX® TR socket is suitable for all types of transradial prosthetic fittings. It is especially well suited for patients who value a high level of comfort and hygiene.

Customized Silicone Liners for Arms of Otto Bock.

Customized Silicone Liners for Arms

Many arm stumps are so special that they are not be provided with any standardly product. Individual silicone liners are an optimal solution here.


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Different documents, CD´s and DVD´s about Otto Bock products.
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