Questions and Answers on the C-Leg.

How does the C-Leg work?

The C-Leg is an intelligent knee joint system that uses sensors to permanently recognize in which gait phase you are currently in, and adapts in real time - regardless of whether you are walking slow or fast. The knee joint sensor measures the length and frequency of your steps and thus supplies the information required to control the swing phase. A moment sensor records the heel strike and anterior foot load for a secure stance phase. A microprocessor coordinates all measurement and control processes. It ensures that hydraulic dampening adapts to the respective situation in real time.

Power is supplied by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 40 to 45 hours depending on the intensity of use. You can easily charge the prosthesis at night from a standard outlet – and, if required, also from a 12-volt car cigarette lighter plug.


What makes the C-Leg different from conventional prostheses?

Through the use of C-Leg Technology, the C-Leg permanently recognizes which walking phase you're currently in, and adjusts itself in real time depending on the step speed, length, and frequency. On slopes, uneven surfaces, or when going down stairs, the high-quality leg prosthesis system automatically adjusts itself and ensures increased dynamic response and security.

On the one hand, this means that your gait pattern comes very close to the natural model. With the C-Leg, you walk comfortably and in harmony at any walking speed—letting you concentrate less on your prosthesis, and more on where you're going.

On the other hand, the C-Leg offers you the highest level of safety in all everyday situations, for example when walking on uneven surfaces or when going down stairs or slopes. The permanently active standing phase security greatly reduces the risk of falling. At the same time, the sound side of your body is effectively relieved by the natural gait pattern.

In addition, you can comfortable activate additional modes at the push of a button with the new wireless remote control. Adapting swing-through phase dampening is just as easy – according to your wishes, and without endangering your safety.

Who is the C-Leg suitable for?

The C-Leg is suitable for transfemoral amputees with a body weight of up to 125 kilograms. It was mainly designed for prosthesis wearers of any age, in the mobility levels 3 and 4. You can find additional information on this subject in our list of indications.


What additional features does the C-Leg offer?

You can switch the C-Leg from normal mode to an individually adjustable second mode in an instant. This second mode makes it possible for you to stand with a slightly flexed knee for a long period of time, for example. But this mode can also be set for sporting activities such as cycling or cross-country skiing.

An additional standing mode that can be selectively activated also provides additional safety and comfort. This mode allows you to stabilize the C-Leg at any flexion angle without expending additional muscle strength.

What are the previous experiences with the C-Leg?

More than 20,000 people have been fitted with the C-Leg all over the world. A recent survey showed that the quality of life for C-Leg wearers increases significantly. In particular, the greater everyday activity radius was emphasized positively by wearers of the high-quality leg prosthesis system. They no longer have to concentrate consciously on controlling the prosthesis, and therefore can focus on more important things once again. They also rated very positively the fact that stairs, slopes, and uneven surfaces no longer present obstacles with the C-Leg.

Is it possible to exchange my current C-Leg for a new one?

In principle, you can switch to the new C-Leg at any time. However, you should first discuss the absorption of costs with your prosthetist.

Can my current C-Leg be upgraded?

Unfortunately this is not possible for technical reasons.

Do technicians require additional qualifications to work with the new C-Leg?

No, adjustment of the C-Leg is the same as before. We informed all certified prosthetists of the new features of the C-Leg in time for the market introduction of the new C-Leg.

Will the prior C-Leg still be serviced?

Of course service and repair for the prior C-Leg will continue to be offered as before, with no restrictions.

Do the new service intervals of two years also apply to the prior C-Leg?

The extension of the service intervals to two years only applies to the new, technically advanced C-Leg. The previous C-Leg - which can be recognized by the silver frame - must be serviced once a year as indicated in your warranty documentation. We make this recommendation for your own safety.

Does the new C-Leg Protector also fit the prior C-Leg?

Of course the C-Leg Protector can be adapted to any C-Leg. In addition, you can also use it for the C-Leg compact for the first time.

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