Genu Direxa Stable Long

Genu Direxa Stable Long offers best possible fittings in case of severe ligament laxities or injuries. Additional stability for your knee is offered by the option to limit the range of motion.

Genu Direxa Stable Long

Genu Direxa Stable Long

At a Glance

  • Sensomotoric performance improvements through controlled compression
  • Pain relief
  • Improve knee joint mobility and stability
  • Innovative material that is breathable and simultaneously provides compression
  • Two flexible, circular straps

Genu Direxa Stable Long

Do you suffer from knee complaints with severe and/or complex ligament laxities and/or severe feelings of instability? Then the Genu Direxa Stable Long is ideal for you.

This support provides pain relief, improves knee joint function and achieves sensomotoric performance improvements through controlled compression.

The innovative material is another highlight - it is breathable and simultaneously exerts sufficient pressure to stabilise your knee. Thanks to the especially soft lining material, ultimate wearer comfort is assured even during long-term use of the Genu Direxa Stable Long.


The Genu Direxa Stable Long is available in an open and a closed version.

With the hook-and-loop closure, the open version makes it easy to put the orthosis on and take it off comfortably - especially for patients with reduced gripping strength. Active persons often prefer the closed version, which is equipped with pocket grips for easier positioning of the orthosis.

The new Click-2-Go® joint system features an innovative design and outstanding functionality. Extension and flexion limits can be incrementally adjusted quickly and easily. Your orthotist will explain the proper use of the orthosis to you during the fitting.

Genu Direxa Stable Long
Knee indication matrix
Indication and Mechanism of action

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Product Information Genu Direxa
In this document you will find current information about the Genu Direxa Line of Otto Bock.

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Product Information Genu Direxa / Genu Carezza / Genu Therma
Here you'll find further information about the orthoses Genu Therma, Genu Carezza and Genu Direxa.

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