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Based on C-Leg Technology, the new C-Leg compact has been precisely tailored to the needs of less active amputees who require a high degree of stability.

The new C-Leg compact of Otto Bock.

The new C-Leg compact

At a Glance

  • It offers the most efficient protection against falls according to the state-of-the-art technology.
  • Highest level of safety due to mechatronic hydraulic stance phase
  • Closely resembles the natural gait pattern on all surfaces
  • Three-year warranty
  • C-Leg compact mobility warranty
  • approved for patient weights up to: 125 kg/ 275 lb


What’s new?

What’s new about the C-Leg compact? For more safety and comfort we added a new standing or locking function which can be activated with a remote control. Swing phase features have also been considerably improved. A new design rounds out the new C-Leg compact: quality of life through functionality that is attractive, too.

The C-Leg compact is the further development of the C-Leg introduced in 1997. The leg prosthesis system C-Leg compact was especially designed for the requirements of transfemoral amputees with limited mobility, such as older persons who walk more slowly or transfemoral prosthesis wearers with a pronounced need for safety. With the C-Leg compact, amputees starting at Mobility Grade 2 - limited outdoor walkers - can also enjoy the advantages of the electronic control system. A high level of safety, not the highest possible activity level, was the priority during the development of the C-Leg compact.

High Level of Safety due to C-Leg Technology

Through the use of C-Leg Technology, the C-Leg compact always recognizes which phase of gait the wearer currently is in, and adjusts itself accordingly in real time. When sitting down in a chair or walking on an uneven surface (such as a slope or stairs) the mechatronic hydraulic stance phase safety system is always active. It stabilizes the joint from heel impact right up to the point when it switches precisely to the hydraulically controlled swing phase. The result: A high level of safety through the entire gait cycle.

Of course, the C-Leg compact can be adjusted to the individual safety requirements of your customer, just like the C-Leg - for example when walking down stairs. This significantly reduces the risk of falling. In addition, individual fine adjustments corresponding to the wearer’s requirements can be made to the C-Leg compact.

With the C-Leg compact, your customer can usually achieve a more natural gait pattern. The load is distributed evenly over both legs, which provides relief for the contralateral side. Due to the unusually high level of safety provided by the prosthesis system, much less concentration on the prosthesis is required. Instead, your customer can once again focus on the nice things in life and safely handle everyday challenges, large and small.

Coping with obstacles smoothly – with C-Leg Technology

C-Leg reduces the risk of falling significantly. This has been proven repeatedly by scientific studies (see under Documents | Infomaterial the information regarding C-Leg compact Studies and Publications). The new C-Leg compact uses updated C-Leg Technology that especially meets the needs of less active amputees who require additional stability.

The C-Leg Technology study results prove these additional factors:

  • reduced cognitive demand during walking
  • increased activity and range of movement 
  • intensified confidence in prosthesis
  • less energy expenditure when walking, longer daily use of the prosthesis
Wireless connection of C-Leg / C-Leg compact and computer.

Optimal Adjustment – BionicLink & C-Soft

With the BionicLink 60X3, we introduced Bluetoothtechnology to our leg prosthesis system.  Now, all adjustments can be completed using a wireless connection – your patient can move freely and without restrictions while his or her C-Leg or C-Leg compact is adjusted. During the gait test, you can concentrate fully on the adjustment process and verification of the gait pattern.

The BionicLink is used in conjunction with the C-Soft 4X180 auto-adaptive software. With its user-friendly interface, C-Soft makes the adjustment process simpler and more systematic and thus helps you provide your customer with the best fitting possible. C-Soft also allows you to manage data which you can save in corresponding customer files and makes it easier for you to document your fittings.

Good Looks and Real Function – The C-Leg Protector

The C-Leg Protector 4X160 is more than just a cosmetic cover: It represents the modern solution for C-Leg and C-Leg compact wearers. The C-Leg Protector covers and protects the joints of the C-Leg Product Line, including the tube adapter, and provides a cosmetic contour in the calf area. The result: An attractive appearance without any functional restrictions. The C-Leg Protector can be used on right or left sides and is quick and easy to adjust. During everyday use, your customer can put it on, take it off, and clean it easily if needed.

Alternatively, you can use a cosmetic foam cover for the leg prosthesis systems in the C-Leg Product Line. We offer an unfinished cosmetic cove (3S26) or the option of fabricating an individualized cosmetic cover (3R59) according to measurements specified by you.

Greater Independence – The 12 Volt Car Charger Cable

Always mobile and independent: Combined with the 4E50 battery charger, the cable makes it possible for your customer to charge the lithium-ion battery even on the road. All that is required is a conventional 12 volt connection, for example the car cigarette lighter.

Practical – the Charger Cable Extension

If a foam cover makes it difficult to connect the charger cable to the knee joint, we offer the charger cable extension 4X78 and the plug bracket 4X79. When installed above the prosthetic foot on the distal end of the tube adapter, they ensure an uncomplicated charging process.

Der C-Leg Protector von Ottobock.

C-Leg Protector

The C‑Leg Protector is the perfect accessory for C‑Leg  or C‑Leg compact wearers who are actively involved in life and like to take on challenges.


Certified Fittings

Helping to ensure a high-quality and successful fitting – C-Leg and C-Leg compact certification.



How does it work? Detailled information on C-Leg compact functionality.


Warranty and Service

Detailled information on warranty and service process.


The C-Leg compact System

This leg prosthesis system will be configured according to the wishes and requirements of your customer.


Documents | Infomaterial

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Software Updates

Download the actual upgrades of our software.


Software update for C-Leg

Here you can immediately download the update of the Software C-Soft.
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