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Our product highlights provide you with an overview of our current portfolio of innovations and product features. Learn more about our highlights in the fields of orthotics and prosthetics and get a first impression of what you can expect at Ottobock’s booth.
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Ottobock has expanded its product portfolio to include the bebionic, a multi-articulated hand with five separately movable fingers. Ottobock thus continues to build on its leading market position in the field of upper limb prosthetics.



US company BionX Medical Technologies produces the world’s only active prosthetic foot which is available on the market – the Empower. By acquiring the company, Ottobock is expanding its portfolio of mechatronic prosthetic feet.


C-Leg 4

The C-Leg 4 is based on the proven C-Leg technology but also offers an expanded range of everyday applications thanks to its enhanced functionality. Combining it with the Triton smart ankle results in a great fitting solution.



The new Challenger fitness foot is suitable for varied demands, especially those found in field sports, in combination with the Dynamic Vacuum System and the appropriate liner. The Challenger was developed especially for recreational sports.


WalkOn Reaction junior

The dynamic ankle-foot orthosis used for neurological deficits of the lower extremities (such as infantile cerebral palsy) is now also available for children.


Agilium Freestep 2.0

With the Agilium Freestep 2.0, Ottobock has succeeded in breaking new ground in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee. Unlike previous fittings it does not start at the knee, but at the foot.



As the world’s first mechatronic stance and swing phase controlled orthosis system (SSCO system), the C-Brace® opens up new possibilities in orthopaedic technology. It ensures a dynamic gait cycle, which the system controls continuously and in real time.



The proven DynamicArm myoelectric elbow is now available with a high tech look in the modern black edition. The System Electric Greifer is also available in matching black and with an integrated LED light.


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The study summaries present the latest results of research on various Ottobock products.

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