Passion for Paralympics

For more than 25 years Ottobock has been at the heart of the Paralympic Movement. As the longest serving Partner to the Paralympic Games, athletes at every summer and winter Games benefit from Ottobock’s experience providing technical service since the Seoul 1988 Paralympic Games. Similar to the services provided by mechanics in motor racing, Ottobock is responsible for the repair and maintenance of equipment used by Paralympians and getting athletes back into the competition as fast as possible.

It is specialist and high pressure work. At the London 2012 Paralympic Games 88 highly qualified experts from 19 countries worked more than 10,500 hours to complete 3,041 repairs for 1,667 athletes from 123 countries.

Pride in our role supporting athletes and dedication to the importance of mobility drives a Passion for Paralympics that we are excited to share with people living with disabilities and members of the public all over the world.

The countdown to the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games has begun!

The Games

In 1988 Ottobock became the first Partner to the Paralympic Games. Read more about this unique history and story.



Meet the Athlete Ambassadors living their dreams and encouraging people with disabilities from all over the world to participate in sport and recreation.



The equipment used by athletes competing at the Paralympic Games relies on the latest technology and innovation. Here we show how it works.


Behind the scenes at the Paralympic Games

At every Paralympic Games Ottobock prosthetists, orthotists, welders and wheelchair technicians work from specialized repair centres in the Athletes’ Village and competition venues. Get behind the scenes to learn about their challenging high pressure role.


Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

The Rio 2016 Paralympic Games will take place from September 7 – 18, 2016 and will attract 4,350 athletes from 176 countries, as well as 1.8 million spectators from around the world.


Ottobock Running sport prosthesis

With the various running prostheses for transfemoral and transtibial amputees, Ottobock makes it possible for ambitious competitive as well as recreational athletes to actively participate in sports.


Get involved

At Ottobock, we want to spread our Passion for Paralympics by giving people the chance to experience Paralympic sport, whether it is as a participant or an enthusiastic spectator.


Special Exhibition in Berlin

Until 31st October 2016, Ottobock is presenting a special exhibition at the Science Center Berlin about the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and Ottobock's engagement in the Paralympic Games.