Monday, 12. May 2014

New Expert Centre Helps Patients Learn to Walk Again

Ottobock and Europrotesica Found CRC Casalino

Ottobock and Europrotesica are creating an entirely new offer for patients shortly after an amputation and all other persons who need to be fitted with a prosthesis or orthosis. The two companies are opening Italy's first private gait rehabilitation centre in April of 2014. They are founding the company CRC Casalino for this purpose, with Ottobock holding a 50 percent stake.

The centre is located 25 kilometres south of Bologna. 24 rooms and six flats are available to patients. With dining rooms, attractive common areas indoors and outdoors, a gymnasium for rehabilitation sports, exercise rooms, a swimming pool and an orthopaedics workshop, the centre is fully equipped. The personnel includes trainers, nurses, physiotherapists, orthopaedic technicians and administrative staff.

This integrated concept is based on the realisation that good fitting results require all participants to coordinate their various steps in the rehabilitation process with each other. At CRC Casalino, this approach is implemented all the way from post-operative residual limb care to fitting the prosthesis or orthosis to its individual adaptation and effective rehabilitation, including gait training.

Patients at the centre have the opportunity to contact experts in a variety of fields at any time. Everyone shares a common goal: restoring the ability of people to walk as well as possible.

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