Wednesday, 14. May 2014

Video message from Bryan Adams

Ottobock invites experts for a stroll through leading technology

Contributing yet another captivating subject to this year’s OTWorld list of events, Ottobock is inviting international experts (May 15 from 2 pm – to 5 pm) specialising in rehabilitation and care for wounded soldiers to join a conference of the special kind. A video message by rock idol Bryan Adams who has come to be known as a photographer lately, will be aired to promote his impressively illustrated book “Wounded – the Legacy of War” that published with the support of Ottobock’s Managing Director, Hans Georg Näder.

Hans Georg Näder will be there to welcome the conference participants paving the way not only for a demonstration of ambitious prosthetic fitting solutions but for an expert discussion forum featuring development engineers and users. Genium X3 in connection with the carbon based triton prosthetic foot as one sophisticated device will be part of the demonstration.

No less interesting will the presentation of TMR - known Targeted Muscle Reinnervation - describing a control mechanism for upper limb prostheses. In the process signals from the brain are transmitted to the nerves causing muscle contractions that result into natural voltage. The voltage in turn is used to control the prosthetic joint leading to a near to natural moving pattern.

As the functionality of the Michelangelo prosthetic hand includes 7 different gripping patterns, it succeeds in mimicking the human hand most naturally. The world’s first mechatronic orthotic system with swing- and stance phase control – known as C-Brace – helps to restore the ability to walk for partly paralysed users.

The low pressure systems Harmony and Harmony E2 System allow for enhanced suspension resulting in a more intimate fit within the socket. Rounding the Ottobock portfolio, the presentation of clinical studies adding to devices for patients with drop foot syndrome due to stroke (developed by the product division of neurorehabilitation), aim at significantly restoring patients’ mobility.

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