Wednesday, 21. May 2014

Master plan for Bötzow Berlin 2019 finalised

Prof. Hans Georg Näder manifests the concept of “Family Business 4.0”

The 24,000 m² area of the former Bötzow brewery is located at the heart of Berlin. After lying dormant for twenty years, David Chipperfield Architects is turning Bötzow Berlin into a vibrant public place. Prof. Hans Georg Näder, the owner and CEO of the medical technology company Ottobock, acquired the premises in 2010. Since then, the dedicated builder-owner has been thinking not only about a new company site and centre for innovation, but in addition wants to create attractions for people of the neighbourhood, the residents of Berlin, and guests from all over the world. Apart from breathing new life into the pre-existing listed building, three new buildings will be constructed. In the long run Näder is investing up to EUR 250 million. The Ottobock Future Lab, a brewery with a beer garden, food manufactories, restaurants, a swim club, a boutique hotel with rehab lofts, and an art gallery will lend Bötzow an air of liveliness. Now the architects presented their master plan, which will be implemented by 2019. With the new plans for Bötzow Berlin, Prof. Hans Georg Näder manifests his concept of the “Family Business 4.0”.

The urban development concept

The core idea of the master plan is to re-open the area of Bötzow Berlin, close to Alexanderplatz square, towards the city and create a new permeability. The site is located at Prenzlauer Allee, but is presently set back and difficult to access. Three planned new buildings will surround this opening and provide the premises with an architectural structure that lends a high quality of stay. Like it has been in ancient times, an access once more will lead from the corner of Prenzlauer Allee/Saarbrücker Straße onto the premises. Moreover, there will be two further entryways from Saarbrücker Straße and Prenzlauer Allee. An underground car park will offer space for 200 vehicles. The positioning of the three buildings will create two places which are essential for the further development: Towards the city centre, the premises will feature a lavish beer garden, which invites you to stay a while, and will attract passersby to Bötzow. The centre will open up a stately, urban plaza, lined with the new buildings. Thanks to the natural environment this arrangement will carry on its charming and inviting flair from the street over the park onto the plaza. All buildings are accessed from the plaza, which thus becomes a lively focal point of Bötzow Berlin.

Ottobock at Bötzow

The so-called “Ottobock Future Lab” will be the medtech company’s second location in Berlin. Here, Ottobock will form ties with the capital's art and lifestyle scene and develop its own digital future. With strategic business units, the “Open Innovation Space”, a “Mobility Concept Store”, the “MedicalCare Centre”, and a boutique hotel with rehab lofts Ottobock will become the place to go in Bötzow. To achieve this, the old brewery buildings will be restored according to their original plans in a first stage of construction. The Open Innovation Space, which will be moved to the old buildings on Saarbrücker Straße by the end of this year, will kick things off. The first tenant is Fab Lab Berlin, a creative hub for Berlin's maker scene of hardware and software developers, designers, artists, engineers, and inventors. All of Ottobock’s areas will be completed by 2017. Ottobock will temporarily move the business units MedicalCare and Mobility Solutions (product segment “wheelchair”) into the Bötzow quarters to receive guests and patients.

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