Friday, 10. October 2014

Tabalugahaus for street children in Rio

Peter Maffay and Professor Hans Georg Näder present their concept

The countdown is running for the next joint project by Peter Maffay and Professor Hans Georg Näder: After the sanctuaries for children in Duderstadt, South Lower Saxony and Roadeş, Transylvania, the Tabalugahaus in Rio de Janeiro is now following. The two initiators presented their plans in more concrete terms on Friday (10 October 2014) at the Bötzow site in Berlin.

Helping children who are facing an uncertain future under difficult life circumstances – Peter Maffay and Professor Hans Georg Näder have dedicated themselves to this goal for years. "Children cannot choose where and how they grow up. But we adults can choose whether we are simply going to watch, or whether we are going to do what we can to help," says Peter Maffay. In concrete terms regarding Rio, Professor Näder adds: "This city always moves and fascinates me. I want to give something back. We both want to create a permanent place to give street children a new perspective."

The idea for the Tabalugahaus in Rio was developed in the run up to the World Cup in Brazil. The project has been spontaneously supported by German national coach Joachim Löw and artist Eva Hassmann, who offered photographs from her "24 Hours, Santa Teresa Project" series for auction. "With a highly positive response," Eva Hassmann is pleased to note.

Three major steps are planned on the way to inaugurating the Tabalugahaus Rio in 2016. The first project phase calls for creating facilities at the Tabalugahaus site where street children can attend language and computer courses in a regional education project. Access to such qualifications may seem like a matter of course to children in other parts of the world, but in Brazil the future prospects are much worse, especially for poor families. Education offerings are the key and a possible way out from being socially disadvantaged.

In the second project phase for Tabalugahaus Rio, the project structure will be coordinated and finalised in cooperation with regional partners and Brazilian aid organisations such as the Ayrton Senna Foundation. These efforts to develop a social network serve to build partnerships and trust, to join forces for the common good and to fine-tune the concept based on all available experience.

Then the inauguration of the Tabalugahaus comes at the end of the third project phase, expected shortly before the start of the Paralympic Games on 28 August 2016 in Rio. This is an event to which Ottobock, the med-tech company led by Professor Näder, has a highly emotional connection. The global market leader in prosthetics has been continuously supporting the Paralympic Games since 1988 and has been accompanying them as they have risen to become the second-largest sports event in the world.

Peter Maffay and Hans Georg Näder hope for such continuity and reliability in their successful partnership for the Tabalugahaus facilities as well. If you want to help, donations can be submitted to the following account:

Sparkasse Duderstadt, IBAN: DE07 2605 1260 0000 5155 10, BIC: NOLADE21DUD, Account: 515 510, Sort Code: 260 512 60, Account holder: Schutzräume für Kinder Duderstadt gGmbH. Reference: Tabalugahaus Rio de Janeiro.

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