Tuesday, 03. February 2015

Talent days for children and teenagers

Experiencing track and field athletics with a sports prosthesis

Standing in the spotlight at Paralympic events, disabled athletes often become role models – not only radiating self-confidence, but encouraging others to commit themselves to sport. One good reason for the German Disabled Sports Association (DBS) and Paralympics partner Ottobock to initiate a project named “Talent days” – a Youth Sports Camp – to be taking place in Duderstadt from July 31st to August 2nd, 2015. The project addresses kids and teens from 11 to 18 years of age - wearing a leg prosthesis - with strong interest in track and field athletics.

“We consider the project an opportunity in two respects”, states DBS president Friedhelm Julius Beucher. “Naturally, we’re interested in recruiting young talents for our Paralympic disciplines, but most of all we intend to encourage youngsters to enjoy sport and build some self-awareness.”

With the invention and fabrication of special prosthetic gear, technical conditions for handicapped athletes to perform and succeed in competitive sports have dramatically improved. The 3S80 sports prosthesis that was initially introduced at the 2012 London Paralympics will be available for fittings at the Youth Sports Camp. Onsite orthopaedic experts will individually fit the young athletes with the sports prosthesis provided by Ottobock.

World record holder and gold medalist (100 m) Heinrich Popow will be joining the “Talent days” adding his expertise and long term experience with running clinics of all kinds to the project. “Too many lower limb amputees are still being discouraged from athletic activities”, states Popow. “Once they overcome this hurdle and successfully master their sports prosthesis – their faces speak volumes. You can literally see them lighting up inside.”

Besides Heinrich Popow, DBS coaches will guide and assist the young participants. A framework programme for parents accompanying their children to Duderstadt will be offered during the training periods. For more details on the Talent days, please go to www.dbs-npc.de/talentdays.

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