Myo Plus app

EIn Myo Plus Anwender bedient die Myo Plus App auf dem Tablet.

The app for Myo Plus pattern recognition

The Myo Plus app lets you easily use and configure Myo Plus pattern recognition using your smartphone or tablet. The app is the central interface between the user and the prosthetic hand’s control device. It serves as a “window into the prosthesis” and visualises the movement patterns in the residual limb.

While the prosthesis used to be something of a “black box”, the app now makes the user’s individual movement patterns directly visible for the first time.

Beispiele der Funktionen der Myo Plus App wie z.B. Anpassung der Steuerung durch den Anwender.

Functions of the Myo Plus app

Here’s a few examples of what you can do with the Myo Plus app:

  • If you’re an O&P professional, you can create a basic set for the user
  • If you’re a user, you can view your individual movement patterns and adapt them to your everyday situations
  • See which prosthesis movement has just been recognised
  • Fine-tune parameters and switch functions on or off

FAQs for the Myo Plus app

How can the app language be changed?

The app language is automatically matched to the language of your mobile device. If the app is not available in your language, English is used by default.

What are the minimum requirements for Android and Apple mobile devices?

Android: mobile devices with Bluetooth 2.1 or higher and Android operating system version 5.0 or higher.

Apple: iPhone®, iPod®, iPad® with Bluetooth 4.0 LE or higher (e.g. iPhone 4S or later models) and iOS operating system version 9.3 or higher.

What mobile devices have been tested for compatibility with the Myo Plus app?

Under the downloads on this page, you will find a list of mobile devices from various manufacturers that are commonly used around the world. We have successfully tested these devices for compatibility with the Myo Plus app.

The hardware and software for a mobile device model may vary depending on the country and mobile network operator. Ottobock is therefore unable to guarantee that each model of a mobile device tested by us is also compatible with the Myo Plus app in all locations.

Which components are compatible with Myo Plus pattern recognition?

The following components are compatible with Myo Plus pattern recognition. You will find the designation of the component on the cover page of the instructions for use:

- System Electric Hand DMC plus: 8E38=6, 8E39=6, 8E41=6

- Sensor Hand Speed: 8E38=8, 8E39=8, 8E41=8

- MyoHand VariPlus Speed: 8E38=9, 8E39=9, 8E41=9

- Transcarpal Hand DMC plus: 8E44=6

- DMC VariPlus System Electric Greifer: 8E33=9, 8E34=9

- DMC VariPlus System Electric Greifer: 8E33=9-1, 8E34=9-1

- bebionic hand EQD: 8E70=*

- bebionic hand Short Wrist: 8E71=*

- bebionic hand Flex: 8E72=*

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