Cockpit app

The smart way to control your prosthesis

The link below takes you directly to the Cockpit app download:
To a certain extent, the Cockpit app allows you to adapt the behaviour of your prosthesis to your individual needs. The Cockpit app also allows you to switch your prosthesis from basic mode to the preconfigured MyModes. In addition, you can read information such as the battery charge level or change settings.

Connecting your mobile device to your prosthesis

To connect the Cockpit app to your prosthesis, please have the card with the PIN code included with your prosthesis component ready and perform the following steps:

1. Load the Cockpit app onto your mobile device under the link provided below.
2. Start the Cockpit app on your mobile device.
3. Follow the instructions of the Cockpit app in order to connect to your prosthesis component via Bluetooth using the serial number and PIN code.

Android: Load the Cockpit app using Google Play.

The Cockpit app is only available for Android devices at this time.

We will gladly inform you as soon as the Cockpit app is available for other operating systems.

[111052=EN-01-1503; 18-03-2015]