Award: “Fiber”

The “Fiber” concept subtly captures the high-tech fibre composition of the carbon material and quotes this technical structure with coloured graphic layers. The combination of light blue and mustard yellow tones reflects the Ottobock colour scheme. The coloured hatching permeates the carbon fibres like fine threads, resulting in delicate accenting reminiscent of muscle fibres. On the one hand, this is an outstanding reproduction of the brand’s look and feel, with a colour effect that is rather moderate for sports products. As a graphical concept, it’s most impressive up close due to its lightness and accenting. The design took into account both the colour and structure of the sole, which lends a uniform appearance to its overall approach and emphasises how crucial this formal element is for the impression the product makes as a whole. The jury was pleased to see that the scalability of the graphical concept was convincingly applied to all of the sports products on the visible product surfaces.


Technische Universität Dresden


Albrecht Meixner

Complete design idea