What You Need to Know

What You Need to Know

Ottobock have partnered with WheelAir to provide a temperature and relative humidity control device which uses the power of airflow ventilation to help manage symptoms created by heat and moisture.

Their airflow system is integrated within the seat at the outset, creating a silent and user friendly interface that is easily managed.

Advantages to You

Temperature and relative humidity control in custom

Research shows that certain conditions - Spinal cord injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral palsy, Epilepsy, Ehlers Danlos syndrome, Hyperhidrosis, Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune disorder, Autonomic neuropathy, CNS disorder and Obesitas among others - are particularly susceptible to health complications associated with heat and moisture.

Form-fitting support systems such as custom contoured seating can exacerbate the production of unwanted heat and moisture.

Advantages to You

Fits any seating system or wheelchair

  • 27 Hour battery life

  • 6 airflow settings

  • Low noise

  • Wireless Remote

  • USB-C Chargeable

Advantages to You

The effect of heat and moisture on the body

Symptoms of heat stress have few stages, from no heat stress-related symptoms or discomfort to heatstroke (body temperature >40˚C or heat-induced seizures)

Symptoms of moisture and skin integrity issues start with sweat build-up, skin redness, and irritation and might lead to stage 4 pressure injury (full-thickness skin loss and tissue loss).

Medication use too can affect heat and moisture, either leading to impaired sweating, excessive sweating, increased heat production, reduced blood pressure and skin blood flow, or an inability to regulate temperature.

For a full overview of how heat and moisture can impact the client, please refer to the Heat and Moisture Risk Matrix, and WheelAir’s supporting clinical information.

Advantages to You


The WAcare line consists of a modular system, of which parts become integrated components of the seating system, with only the Fanbox visible and removable. The Fanbox is attached to the back of the seat with a bracket.

With a WAcare integration as part of the seating system, the client regains full control of the internal and seat surface temperature and humidity build-up, often replacing desk fans and towels.

We are a WheelAir Recognised Partner, authorised to fit and service the WAcare line in combination with our seating systems.

Technical Info

Technical Info

  • Fanbox size 26.5cm/10.5cm/3.9cm

  • Battery - 3.7V 8000aAh Litium-Ion

  • Battery life -27 hours (lowest setting)

  • Charger - 18W USB-C

  • Charge time - 2 hours to 80%

  • Airflow - 9m/s-28m/c output (m/s=meters per second)

  • Fan Lifespan - 70,000 hours

  • Safety - Transit approved and tested to IEC60601

  • Certification CE Marked

  • Aftercare – each part can be replaced individually

  • Location – seat, backrest, sleeping systems