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Discover the new C-Leg 4 Microprocessor Knee.

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C-Leg: Trusted for good reason.

Since 1997, one particular microprocessor knee has set the standard for every other available option. Now, with the new C-Leg 4, our signature knee is raising the bar even higher.

It’s the one patented technology that empowers you with the proven performance you need to live the healthy, active life you want. C-Leg adapts to your unique gait pattern and walking speeds, so you can keep your focus where it matters — not on your next step, but on where you want it to take you.

Proven performance

It’s the world’s most studied prosthetic device. Full stop.

Up to 90%

of C-Leg users prefer it to their previous mechanical prosthesis*

25 years

of continuous microprocessor knee development and user input have led to the new C-Leg 4.


fittings have helped more users regain their mobility than any other microprocessor knee.

With C-Leg, I’m living again - traveling, working, taking care of my home and family. I feel good!

Patricia, office assistant
Patricia walks across a bridge in her C-Leg 4 Microprocessor Knee

With C-Leg, I’ve started a new chapter in my life. I used to be shy about my prosthetic leg, but now I feel strong and confident.

Royal, estate agent
Royal stands outside wearing her C-Leg 4 Microprocessor Knee
C-Leg success stories

Why do more people choose C-Leg than any other microprocessor knee?

C-Leg has changed the lives of thousands of people just like you — and many of them have shared their stories with Ottobock. Discover how our technology has empowered them to achieve the life they want.

I’ve always had a burning desire to do something positive with my life.

As a kid, Rebecca tried to hide her limb difference. But as her awareness of other people like her grew, she realised it was ok to embrace being different. She’s always looking to challenge herself and inspire others as she participates in a variety of activities with her C-Leg.

Key features

Discover how C-Leg 4 supports your active day-to-day life.

With its innovative design and exciting new features, C-Leg 4 provides a highly personalised user experience that helps you move more easily through your day and stay focused on what matters most to you.

New Colour Option

Many updates to our signature C-Leg Microprocessor Knee are based on feedback we received directly from C-Leg wearers. That’s why the C-Leg 4 is available in the original lighter Desert Pearl color as well as a new darker shade, Midnight Shadow, which is a deep gun metal grey colour. The Volcano Shadow colour is no longer available.

Get a closer look

See some of the new features of the updated C-Leg 4 microprocessor knee in detail.


FAQ C-Leg 4

What benefits of the C-Leg have been proven in clinical trials?

What benefits of the C-Leg have been proven in clinical trials?

Numerous studies have investigated the advantages of C-Leg technology for people with a transfemoral (above-knee) amputation. These studies have shown that the frequency of falls is much lower with the C-Leg compared to conventional prostheses, proving a high level of safety.

In addition, studies show that C-Leg users don’t have to concentrate on their prosthesis at all times, but rather can move more freely in everyday situations. C-Leg users have more confidence in their prosthesis, and are also able to boost their activity levels, vary their walking speed and expend less energy while walking.

Where can I get a C-Leg?

Where can I get a C-Leg?

You can get the C-Leg from your NHS Limb Centre via the Microprocessor Knee Policy if you qualify against the specific criteria, or through a Private Prosthetic Provider, who will adapt the prosthesis to your individual needs.

Where can I try out a C-Leg?

Where can I try out a C-Leg?

Many practitioners offer trial fittings which take place over a predetermined period of time and are monitored by Ottobock when needed. Just talk to your prosthetist for more details.

What’s included in a prosthetic fitting?

What’s included in a prosthetic fitting?

A prosthetic fitting includes all components from the foot to the knee joint system, including the socket, which will be customised to your individual needs by your prosthetist. The assembly and setup of the system are also included, as well as regular service inspections during the entire period you use the C-Leg.

What happens when the battery is drained?

What happens when the battery is drained?

A vibration signal notifies the user well in advance when the battery starts getting low. When it’s drained, the C-Leg automatically switches to a predefined safety mode so that the user’s preferred resistance in the stance phase is activated.

Can I take a shower or go swimming with the C-Leg?

Can I take a shower or go swimming with the C-Leg?

Although the C-Leg is weatherproof and well suited for contact with water in various everyday situations, such as rain showers or light splashes. It is not fully waterproof. You should not wear it in the shower or for activities like swimming.

How long does it take to learn how to use the C-Leg?

How long does it take to learn how to use the C-Leg?

Many users are able to walk downstairs step-over-step on their first day with the C-Leg prosthesis. However, it can also take several days or even weeks for users to completely acclimate to using the C-Leg in everyday situations depending on their unique condition and circumstances.

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Hafner, Brian J.; Willingham, Laura L.; Buell, Noelle C.; Allyn, Katheryn J.; Smith, Douglas G. (2007): Evaluation of function, performance, and preference as transfemoral amputees transition from mechanical to microprocessor control of the prosthetic knee. In: Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation 88 (2), S. 207–217. DOI: 10.1016/j.apmr.2006.10.030.

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