Michael walks down a grassy hill in his Kenevo Microprocessor Knee with his prosthetist’s guidance.

MPK Therapy Training Courses for Therapists.


Ottobock introduced the world to the very first fully microprocessor-controlled knee 25 years ago, the C-Leg, and ever since we have been dedicated to continuous improvement and advancement in mobility for above-knee amputees. Since the introduction of the NHS Microprocessor knee (MPK) funding policy in the UK, we have seen hundreds of users benefitting from this technology. Combining research from our clinical scientists with amputees’ own experiences has allowed us to make continual advances in our prosthetic systems to further increase user safety, aid rehabilitation and improve outcomes.  This being the case, we are pleased to announce that we will be running a series of training courses, designed to give Physiotherapists hands-on experience outside of the clinic and allow them to see the full potential of MPK's for their patients. 

We realise the importance of training to release the potential in this technology for users. Therefore we have two upcoming training courses available. The first will provide a basic training session designed for any Physiotherapists who are new to the industry or have a small amount of existing experience with MPKs. This training day will cover basic principles to form a strong foundation to optimise user outcomes. Our second training session will be held for those who have a more in-depth understanding and experience of patients with MPKs, this day will be based around a more complex clinical presentation.

Both of these courses will provide Physiotherapists with a complete overview of the functionality of C-Leg 4 and Kenevo, helping participants learn a variety of training exercises and demonstrating how the features of the knees can best benefit amputees. We will also present new clinical research to help to support prescription decisions. Further information on the courses can be found below.

Spaces are limited, so we recommend booking early to secure your place.


Understanding the basics or advanced training - which course is right for me?


MPKs understanding the basics for therapists:

The basic training will be run by the Ottobock UK Academy team and will offer a basic introduction to best practice when working with MPK's. 

  • Basic principles of MPKs

  • Features and functions of C-Leg 4

  • Features and functions of Kenevo

  • Introduction to Kenevo Therapy ABC app

  • Resources available to you

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Please select either the 'basic' or 'advanced' course and your preferred location (if you wish to attend both, please only submit one form but select your preferred location for each course). Once you have completed the form, a member of our Academy team will be in touch to confirm your place and provide more information about the day(s). All courses will run from 9.30 am-4 pm.