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470G71 - Children wheelchairs & Rehab Buggies


For every life situation

The extent to which children require care is considerably different from that of adults. Devices for children have to grow with the child and need to be individually adaptable and versatile in their use. They provide everyday support and ensure maximum mobility. Choosing the correct devices can also prevent additional malformations. That’s why all products in the Kimba range were developed and tested in cooperation with doctors, therapists and users – to support children and families around the world.

The product range includes five seating shell mobility bases and one seating unit. The seating unit is easy to put on and remove from any mobility base. This makes it an appropriate solution for almost any everyday situation.

User groupchildren, youths, infants
All specifications
Benefits at a glance

Kimba - flexible, versatile, individual

Ottobock Kimba user Mira
Our philosophy

Parents of children with special needs often feel abandoned and wish for normality. This makes it all the more important to Ottobock that the Kimba line integrates perfectly into individual daily routines – without attracting a lot of attention. Our product portfolio accommodates ongoing physical development, provides support and enables participation in social life. The focus should be on what’s really important: Being a family.

Ottobock Kimba Home with user Emilia in the living room
Individual and flexible

The Kimba seat was developed with a broad range of options for adaptation to the individual needs of each child. It offers numerous easy-to-use adjustment possibilities for different sitting positions. It is easy to use on any mobility base in the Kimba product range.

Ottobock Kimba rehab buggy with a coloured inlay
A matter of taste

The Kimba features a timeless, elegant and high-quality design. Coloured inlays can be ordered to create colourful accents if you wish, or you can even sew your own. Coloured reflective stickers and a choice of two frame colours are also available for the Kimba rehab buggy. 

Ottobock Kimba Cross as a bicycle trailer
Fancy a bike ride?

The Kimba Cross can be attached to a bicycle in just a few steps. This opens up new possibilities in an active everyday life. Not to mention that the child doesn’t have to transfer out of their usual seating unit just to go biking.


Numerous additional options and accessories are available for the Kimba products, including a sunshade, nappy bag, tray and bottle holder. The choice is yours!

Ottobock Cosa Active/Junior in use
Ottobock kids products

Ottobock has been developing innovative products for more than 100 years. The medical technology company also offers integrated treatment. Regardless of whether the product is a prosthesis, an orthosis, a wheelchair or a Mollii Suit – people, in this case children, always come first for us. 

User Experience

Reliable and stylish companions

Managing daily life, every day

When we found out about Emilia’s disability, it felt like the rug had been pulled out from under our feet at first. It took some time to accept the situation as it is. Today, we are overjoyed with our little sunshine. The most important thing is that Emilia is happy and able to laugh!” says her mother Stephanie. Outside in any weather The young family enjoys spending time in nature most of all. Fortunately, there are numerous beautiful lakes and child-friendly hiking trails in the vicinity. The Kimba buggy was the perfect companion for Emilia and her family right from the start. They opted for a rehab buggy relatively late in the process. This happens to many parents, because the differences and genuine benefits are not always evident right away. Also, a rehab buggy isn’t “normal”, and many times it isn’t “attractive”, either. When Stephanie saw the Kimba buggy for the first time, she was elated and didn’t want any other buggy after that. It was love at first sight for Emilia as well. “We haven’t seen her this relaxed while sitting for a long time. Emilia sits in the Kimba seat as though it were a throne and feels right at home,” reports Andreas, Emilia’s father. Stephanie adds: “We’re glad we looked into getting a rehab buggy and that we found the Kimba line. Our everyday life has become much more varied and relaxed.” Aside from hiking, Emilia loves music. Whether it’s singing or dancing, she’s part of the fun. Her little sister, Marina, really enjoys this too. The two of them have a very special relationship.

A completely normal everyday life

Complications during or after birth can also result in permanent disabilities. That was the case with Mira. She has severe motor development impairments due to unexpected complications during birth. This can be seen in the fact that she has inadequate control over her torso. She can hold her head up on her own but can’t grasp in a purposeful way. Mira is now able to eat porridge by mouth despite a swallowing disorder. A central vision disorder also prevents direct visual contact. Mira’s parents, Marcel and Lisa, needed some time to recover from the strain of the birth and Mira’s diagnosis. Children shape every aspect of everyday life as it is, but a child who has a physical disability defines your life around the clock. “We are exceptional, a bit mad and maybe courageous too, and have often been told that we are totally different from other families with a child who requires care.” Marcel and Lisa chose everyday helpers based on recommendations from their medical supply company and their own research online. 

Spending time outdoors is one of the family’s favourite things to do. All three of them love going on outings with their racing bikes and the Kimba Cross. Since Mira no longer has to ride in the old bicycle trailer, this is much less stressful – because the Kimba Cross is easy to attach to a bike and Mira is far more relaxed in her familiar seating unit. Mira uses a range of different devices to make everyday life as independent and convenient as possible for everyone involved. “When we’re at home, we use the Kimba Home for eating and sometimes for playing as well. The Kimba rehab buggy is our first choice for a relaxed walk, shopping or eating out.” Mira’s physiotherapist Tanja also uses an Ottobock hip abduction orthosis during therapy – the Cosa Active/Junior.


Product information

User groupchildren, youths, infants


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