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Scott Kilby - Prosthetics Academy Clinician

About Me

I graduated from the University of Salford in 2002 and have since worked in the industry as a prosthetist. My career started at the North Midlands Limb Fitting Centre in Stoke, where I worked for almost five years, and gained a broad range of experience in lower-limb prosthetics.

In 2007, I moved to the Specialised Rehabilitation Centre at NGH, Sheffield, where I further developed my clinical lower-limb experience and I had the opportunity to develop my upper-limb skills. I continued to develop through my role as Assistant Centre Manager, which I held for a number of years.

In 2014-15 my career took a turn in a different direction, one which I had been working toward for some years and I began my journey into training and education. Working most recently for Blatchford, where I developed a keen interest and understanding of mechatronic systems and socket technologies.

Since joining Ottobock, I’ve been visiting clinicians across the country to support them with the range of Ottobock’s products and to assist with patient fittings. I have also attended and presented at seminars and events.

One of my main activities in the last few months has been assisting colleagues in fitting of the C-Leg 4. I think out of the key features of C-Leg 4, it is its intuitive stance that is the most impressive, as it gives the wearer the ability to stand using minimal energy with a flexed knee, and prevents the knee from bending with a True Lock to flexion. It means they can distribute their weight evenly between both legs and therefore relieve socket pressures, compensations, wear and tear on the contralateral limb and proximal joints.

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