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Kids Manual Wheelchairs


18308 MG 2141 169-4c
18308 MG 2141 169-4c
18308 MG 2141 169-4c

An active wheelchair for children

Who are we talking about? An active wheelchair for children and youths attracting attention everywhere with its fresh appearance. A companion with a stylish design that reflects a child's personality through its large selection of outfits. A practical, compact all-rounder that handles any everyday situation effortlessly and is easy to stow for transportation. An active wheelchair developed based on the body and growth data of children, that adapts to a child's requirements.

The dynamic-playful rigid-frame wheelchair model to enter the large stage of children's wheelchairs is the BRAVOracer. Many bright colours and lovingly designed spoke protectors offer something for everyone, from little explorers to flower girls to up-and-coming superstars! Practical, sophisticated details make everyday life easier for kids and parents when it comes to pushing, getting in and out, or braking. A large selection of options is available to meet the very special needs of the young stars, so that every custom-made BRAVOracer is unique. The extremely stable frame with wide brackets provides plenty of space for abduction; the wheel locks integrated into the wheel protectors can be reached by any child; the seating unit which grows along with the patient and the innovative, movable backrest allow for varied positioning options. BRAVOracer – the manoeuvrable, agile, smooth performer guaranteed to turn heads!


Advantages to you

Wheel lock

  • The non-slip cover assures easy, safe operation.

  • Recessed in the side panel, the wheel lock.

  • Lever is easy to reach but never in the way due to its compact size.

Back angle

  • The back rest is easy to unlock and fold down onto the seat, turning the wheelchair into a small, handy package.

Anterior frame

  • The non-slip cover assures easy, safe operation.

  • Recessed in the side panel, the wheel lock.

  • Lever is easy to reach but never in the way due to its compact size.


  • The anti-tipper can be folded in or out in one simple step. It provides additional security for inexperienced drivers; in the passive position, it is hidden by the radius of the rear wheels.

Spoke protector

  • Useful and attractive: The spoke protector effectively prevents fingers from getting caught in the spokes and is an eye-catching accessory. It is shown here in the special "Gecko“ design.

Push bar

  • As an alternative to our selection of push handles, the push bar makes it easier to handle smaller wheelchairs in particular. When it is not needed, it can be removed in a few simple steps.

18308 MG 2141 169-4c

Technical Data

Max. user weight


Seat width


Seat depth


Seat height


Total width


Total length


Back height


Lower leg length




Back angle

-15" / +15"


From 9kg



BRAVOracer Flyer

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